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Late in the 21st Century, a world-wide war broke out. Every country became involved. An historic agreement was reached that all warfare would take place on the moon, to protect planet Earth.

Millions of men and women, plus military supplies, were ferried to the moon battlegrounds.

The casualties wre the greatest ever in the history of warefare...within a few years, almost every able-bodied man and woman was transported to join in the carnage.

On Earth, all robotic work was concentrated on war production... The city of New Anglia, in the country once known as Britain, now part of the Euro Empire, was neglected and abandoned. An air of decay hung over the city. There were some that had escaped the military call-up. Crime was their only means of survival.

With law enforcement a major problem, the authorities had no option but to recruit the only people available - children.

One man - Jarvis Campbell, controlled the team of young officers...the Kid Cops.

Kid Cops was a comic strip from Eagle, that ran to fifteen episodes (starting in issue 329 (cover dated 9 July 1988) and ending in issue 343 (cover dated 15 October 1988). There was also a one-off story in the Eagle Annual 1990 ('Malfunction').

The series was illustrated by Jose Ortiz.

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