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Kid Cassidy was a former hero from the west. 

Mayor Story Arcs

The Gunhawks

He fought alongside Reno Jones, an African-American cowboy for many years. However, after the Civil War, Cassidy was accidentally shot by Reno. The two split up not soon afterwards.
Cassidy started to grow bitter and resentful toward people with a colored skin. (Even stranger since Reno Jones, Cassidy's former partner was an African-American. In the end he even joined a band of outlaws that called themselves the Nightriders. These Nightriders were Klu Klux Klan members and mercenaries for hire.

Blaze of Glory

Cassidy in later years, as part of the Nightriders

Many years later, Cassidy was on a mission to destroy the town of Wonderment, a town full of ex-slaves. The town hoever was heavily guarded by a band of Western heroes, among them Rawhide Kid, Kid Colt, Two-Gun Kid and Cassidy's old partner, Reno. When they came into town it soon became clear that it would become a brutal battle.

Kid Cassidy fought alongside his Klu Klux Klan teammates but soon found they where outmatched. Not by people, but by quality of shooting.

While fighting one of his opponents, Cassidy learned his old partner Reno was among the heroes who defended the town. He tried to kill Reno but was caught of guard by an explosion. Reno then grabbed Cassidy and chocked him with his bare hands. Many of the old Marvel Western heroes died that day, Cassidy was among them.

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