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Frank Halloran was a philosophy major at Berkeley. He had a hot Jewish girlfriend Sara Shapiro and he is having trouble figuring out the direction of his life.


Kid Amazo was created by Peter Milligan and Carlos D'Anda

Character Evolution 

Kid Amazo (Frank Halloran)

Then Amazo crashed into Frank's life and told him he was Kid Amazo, and he was programed to help his father destroy the Justice League Of America. Frank was told that Professor Ivo, the evil genius creator of the original Amazo, crossed bio-matter from Amazo with human eggs and DNA to create Kid Amazo. When he confronted Ivo about his past, Ivo revealed that Sara was his daughter, and she was Frank's biological mother.

Angrily, Kid Amazo attacked Berkly until the JLA showed up. He then proceeded to dismantle the team, out-running the Flash, running through John Stewart, dropping Wonder Woman, and beating Superman with Batman's Kryptonite ring. In the end, the Kid was only beaten by the many conflicting, skeptical personalities of the JLA bouncing in his head, which shorted him out and caused him to explode. 

Major Story Arcs

Powers & Abilities

Siphon Abilities

Absorption cells -  He has the ability to replicate other abilities of super heroes or villains in his vicinity.
Power Amplification - He can amplify the powers that he absorbs. 
Psyche Absorption-He can Absorb the Psyche/Personality of other Metahumans in his Vicinity.

Other Versions

Other Media


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