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Now this is the kind of superhero film that I wanted Scott Pilgrim vs the World to be. A balls to the wall, action/superhero movie with violence, swearing and everything in between. Now I know Scott Pilgrim was rated 12 (or Pg-13 in the US) so it couldn't be that violent, but that's the point, it shouldn't have been 12. 
Anyway, getting off track, time to talk about Kick-Ass, by far one of the movies in my Top 5 Films of 2010, coming in at number 5. This movie is fantastic, everything about it is great, the music, the acting, casting, the action, EVERYTHING!!! 
I'll start this review with the casting and acting in the movie. No actor in this film is misplaced. Nicholas Cage as Big Daddy was brilliant, reminding me a little of Adam West's Batman if he was doing a William Shatner impression, and Chloe Moretz as Hit-Girl is great, she really is becoming one of the best child actresses today, so I hope she get's more roles like this and more proposed to her. Mark Strong is also very cool as Frank D'Amico (or whatever his name is in the comic), he's definately becoming one of my favourite actors at the moment, I can't wait for him as Sinestro in Green Lantern in a few months. And finally, Aaron Johnson as Kick-Ass. this guy is very relatable and really a nice guy. You really try to root for him when he's fighting bad guys even when he's failing miserably...nothing at all like Scott frigging Pilgrim!!! 
Another great thing about the movie is the soundtrack and orchestral score. John Murphy composed the music (the guy who did 28 Days Later), and his music is great. The songs they choose like The Prodiy's Omen and Stand Up are really great, and work well with the scene's they're in. That's about all I'll say about the music though, because that'll be boring for you guys reading if I just went on and on aimlessly about music and other stuff that just pads out this review with endless jibebr jabber, like I am now.

Anyway, I have to talk about the action in this film. When I first heard about this film coming out, I didn't think for one moment that this film would be as violent and gorey as it was. I hadn't read the comic then so I had no idea the comic was like that too. But DAMN, this action is jaw-droppingly awesome. The best action scenes are of course with Hit-Girl. Whoever they got to play Hit-Girl's stunt double, was fantastic with acrobatics. And for those people who thought it was too graphic for a child to be mericlessly killing (Roger Ebert), I've seen plenty of worse films that have children in adult positions, this wasn't offensive, this was awesome.  
Anyway, thanks for reading, please comment below and tell me what you think, see ya.

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