Why does Mindy McCready look so old in the Kick-Ass 2 comic?

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While reading the Kick-Ass 2 comic I noticed that Mindy now has the face of a woman in her mid 20's while the rest of her body is that of an 11 year old girl. She even dresses like a secretary and puts her hair in similar styles. It just seems weird how at the end of Kick-Ass 1 she looks her age and is playing on a swing, then all of a sudden she's a secretary sitting at a table while texting. Just an observation. I understand her upbringing as hardened her personality but that doesn't explain the actual change in physical appearance. She just looks like a mini woman most of the time instead of a child which is suppose to be the shocking part about her character.

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Waits for the JrJr hate to pour in

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What is JrJr hate?

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