Roger Ebert not a fan of Kick-Ass

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LOVE THE REVIEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kick ass (in MY opinion) is boring garbage

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He also said something along the lines of night of the living dead was a horrible disgusting movie for degenerates. Thats definitely not it but he did say it was like unforgivable..... something like that I don't remember.

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Fail. The comic was awesome and from what I'm hearing the movie will certainly Kick-Ass, as I expected.

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big suprise, coming from the guy who judged Friday the 13th part 4, like it was supposed to be citizen kane, the man knows nothing of good film. and automatically assumes that everyone else hates Cussing/Violence and over-the-top action as much as he does. I for one could give a crap less what he thinks.
A: Kick-Ass was an okay film, it wasn't completely true to the comic, but then again the comic wasn't finished when the movie was.
B: Ebert is a hack

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Who was that director who wished cancer on Ebert and then he got it? Mark Millar is kind of a loose cannon, I wouldn't be surprised if Roger Ebert contracted AIDS.

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Kick Ass was garbage..........but I dont agree for the same reasons as Ebert......... an 11 year old 80lb chic kicking a grown man's ass does NOT transfer well into live action....She doesn't have super powers so how is my brain going to rationalize that?  Don't tell me she's a master of martial arts because getting my first black belt at 10 I still knew I did not physically have the strength to topple someone 3 times my size nor did I have the durability to take a punch from a grown up.  Don't tell me its fantasy because being a grown ass man and having a  little girl beat me up with wire fu damn sure isn't my fantasy lol. Being an action fan in general it's not even enjoyable to watch really..... The movie was also disjointed....The comic scenes were funny enough but then the transitions to the action scenes didn't flow.  It was either one or the other with no scene evolution.  Done correctly you get a funny scene that naturally leads to violence like the two on one fight in Pineapple Express.  It was not mellifluous film making at all.
P.S.  Was I the only one who noticed the young actress who played Hit Girl kept looking directly in the damn camera after she did something 'cool'?! That annoyed the s*** outta me even more....ugh....I never liked the books anyway

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@DevilmanEX: If you didn't like the books then why on Earth did you bother seeing the movie?
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@InnerVenom123:  I didn't HATE the books.....I'm not a Superman fan at all.  I've tried to get into several arcs (including this new and last krypton) and it never really grew on me, but being a comic fan you know I'm going to watch every movie or cartoon the man puts out lol.  The same applies here.  I thought the Kick Ass books were o.k. but really over hyped.  Early reviews said the movie was pretty good and my boy in LA just met McLovin last week so of course I'll watch it.  Liked the movie less than the book...........No hair of my head though I downloaded it last night.  So its not like I wasted money.
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Who gives a damn? Roger Ebert's opinion is no more relevant than the opinion of any other critic, and he stopped being culturally relevant years ago. I've never understood why his opinions are given so much weight compared to those of his peers.

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Thanks for comments. For Miller I won't go. I agree even with the looks of the 11 year old kick butt girl on a screen where it's turned to be more like real life it's not going to translate well.

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I enjoyed it.

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