KICK ASS Music Video by Soft Pack

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Those of you who raised your eyebrows about Mika doing a music video to tie-in with a KICK ASS a few weeks ago will now have a second option. It turns out that the movie’s putting on different promotional faces for both sides of the pond, as we received ANOTHER tie-in music video today with this description…

MTV New Media teamed up with Mean Magazine's Kashy Kahledi to create a stylish celebrity-driven music video for the upcoming movie 'Kick Ass'. The video shows what can be accomplished using a current movie (members of the cast included) and interwining with a relevant song. In this case, song is by the band Softpack.

That’s right, we’ve got an up-beat punk song (or is it post-punk? You tell me) from San Diego band Softpack starring all four of the kids in the movie. You’ve got Aaron Johnson, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Chloe Grace Mortez and Clark Duke - - although they aren’t playing their characters from the movie (unless these are supposed to be Red Mist and Hit Girl, et al, in their civilian identities? Nah, that would be too crazy).  I don’t think it’s the best song, but it’s certainly a fun video. Chloe unleashes holy hell on a bully while McLovin’ sprays their gang with some bazooka powered soda. Check it out for yourself…
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My mind turns, as it always does, to that particular nice of music video history that I so thoroughly enjoy - - the movie tie-in.   It turns, further, to the niche corner of that niche genre - - the music video that ties in to a superhero movie in a (usually) totally bizarre way.  And the crown prince of that lot is most definitely the video for "Partyman." See, people think about the different interpretations of Batman. There’s Frank Miller’s version, there’s Christopher Nolan’s version, there’s Tim Burton’s version, and so on. But they neglect to include possibly the most colorful one - - Prince’s Batman. Behold… 


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 I've been waiting for someone to bring up the Mika video. xD I am a fan of his music but was a bit surprised that they didn;t choose someone harder or edgier but I think the video is good. Certainly better than the Soft Pack one in my opinion.

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I like this better than the Mika song.
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Pretty pointless. I'm not a fan of music video tie-ins like this.

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This is a helluva  alot better than the last Kick-Ass video that was posted a few weeks ago, 
You could tell that Chloe (Hit-Girl) has definitely hit a growth spurt in the video too.
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The Prince video was way better than either of the others. If anything, the Prince video was TOO entertaining.

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Prince is awesome

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Go Chloe!

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i just seen the movie, it was pretty good

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