'Kick-Ass' Movie Art!

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 Check out some of the art from the film! 


 'Big Daddy' and 'Hit Girl'

One thing about the upcoming 'Kick-Ass' movie that I am really looking forward to is the fact that some of John Romita Jr.'s artwork (the artist for the Kick-Ass comic series,) will be featured in the actual film. While the video clip which we posted previously does not display any of the art that we can expect to see, there have been reports that it will be a key factor in the way the upcoming film is structured. According to an interview from back in September, Romita Jr. discussed what audiences can expect to see as far as his art goes.  

"The animated sequence is about a minute, minute and a half, and it's a very wild computer program that allows us to do this," Romita told MTV News. "I don't need to do as many drawings as you think, but they're able to do the animation with models that I've drawn... "There's a comic book that Nicolas Cage's character has drawn as a shrine to his victims," the artist explained. "It's basically an origin of him... "[Big Daddy's] partner will come in when Nicolas Cage is carted off to prison...He comes in, opens the book up and it morphs into Nicolas Cage's origin." 

In addition to the fact that we will be seeing some of the artist's art in the film itself, we can catch even more of his goodness with the release of the 'Kick-Ass' movie book. Some preview images of some of the art we can expect to see were recently released by Titan, and they feature Big Daddy, Hit Girl, in addition to paintings of the sets as well as other additional characters.  After seeing some of these images, I have to say that they do look pretty awesome, but I have to wonder if they are a bit too gimmick-y. Do you think that by creating a book based on a movie based on a comic is too much? Is this a gimmick, or would you actually like to see some of the art work involved in creating a film like this?  

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whoop dee doo
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Dig it
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Hellboy's creator Mike Mignola was in the first Hellboy movie. He was the guy dressed in the knight costume. The director, Guillermo del Toro, is the man in the dragon costume.
When it comes to movies, it only ever seems to become a gimmick if the movie fails. If the film does well then it's considered visionary. Funny how that works out, isn't it?

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Sounds pretty good to me.

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Coo coo coo coo cool cool beans beans
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Why is Norman Osborn in the first picture??
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This is going to be so good, Eek. Hit Girl. Amazing. I'll be fist pumping all the way to the cinema, a la Jersey Shore.

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I´m really looking forward!!!

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comics rock. i cant wait for the kickass sequal

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@CharlieKabagambe said:
" comics rock. i cant wait for the kickass sequal "
Dude, the last post was 8 months ago!

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