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My thoughts on Kick-Ass the movie. Overall, it was pretty enjoyable but I left the theater why they deviated so far from the comic in parts. The 'Red Mist is a villain' was a big reveal in the comic. The hospital scene was shortened and totally left out the part with his Father. Also, I'm not sure why they made him numb to pain, yet he seemed pretty normal to other tactile input. I don't know, felt like some poor screen writing at times 
Good things? The actor did a pretty good job of capturing Kick-Ass. Nicolas Cage put a little spin on Big Daddy and made me pay more attention to him. Hit girl? Damned if she didn't steal the whole show. I didn't like her much in the comic, but she kicked Kick-Ass's butt in the movie. ;)

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The movie was good but they should have stuck to the was only eight issues, it cant be that hard to incorporate such a small amount of content......Hit Girl was my favorite in the movie.

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Good to know someone else felt the same way. When I talked to one of my friends who hadn't read the comic, they offered the explanation that maybe those parts of the comic wouldn't work so well on the big screen. I'm not sure how waiting to reveal Red Mist was a villain later, would 'work better on the big screen'. Well, except that the actor who played Red Mist got more screen time this way.

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