'KICK-ASS' Goes Viral?

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You should know that between my two computer screens, I usually have one open to TweetDeck (almost) all the time. Now, while I have grown relatively immune to the annoying chirping sound it makes, every so often I do manage to look up at my updates. (For those of you wondering, yes, I feel a little bit like Pavol's dog). It is a good thing I did too, otherwise I may have missed this! Could the folks at Lions Gate Entertainment be starting up a viral campaign to promote the release of KICK-ASS on April 16th? Now, this is either a really awesome fan made video, or a perfect example of viral marketing. Either way, there is no way that the person responsible for this did not see the movie-- having seen the film, I think I'm able to say that. In the film, KICK-ASS becomes "famous" after someone films him fighting and posts the fight on YouTube. While I wasn't overly excited about the movie, I do find the video kind of clever. Oh, and that is one bada$$ KICK-ASS costume! What do you think of the video? Do you think it is real or fake? Do you hope to see KICK-ASS hit other cities? Will you be checking the movie out in two weeks? 
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The costume looks just right... but it seems a bit late to start viral advertising.  I think it's fanmade... very brave & very cold fans :)

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I may check KickA$$ out, but it won't be straight away.
I've not really been following it, personally.
But it looks alright.

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i vote not fanmade

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That was very much fan-made. It was kind of boring too, but I did like his costume. Only a true fan of Kick Ass could (would) get that (silly) costume exactly right! I was surprised nobody was honking their horn at him. I guess they're used to things like that going on in Berlin.

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I've seen ads at marvel.com and yahoo

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fanmade got to get me one of them 

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If he was hit by that rail-car this video would be more realistic to the comic, lol
Of course...that would be horrible.

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No way! I was literally in Germany yesterday.
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They could have at least choreographed a pretend rescue or burglar beatdown.

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 Here in Sweden the premiere is on April 9th and i am so going to see that movie !

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Kick Ass is getting major play and promo... I am now compelled to check it out
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Pretty sure this is a promotion.
They've been aggressively advertising for Kick-Ass. 
Personally, I couldn't be more psyched for April 16th.

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WOW! This was really, really, really, really stupid.

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I´m so excited and I´ve found out that here in Germany the movie hits theaters on April 15th!

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Speakin' da dumb.

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Either way fair play to them its a decent video although is it meant to be so jumpy or is my connection playing me up here?

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Went to see Kick-Ass in the cinema last week [Scotland!]. It was definiately the most fun I've had at the cinema in a long long time! 
If you can get by the incredibly over-the-top-ness of it and the (purposely?) bad acting, it's outstanding! Also, while the music may be a selection of tracks used in other films, they've used them to epic effect here <3

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That was strange... 
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hey, new kick-ass-stuff...
have fun... 

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I lol'd, whats the track on that german vid?

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