Damn it, I hate CLiNT Magazine.

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Anyone else? 
I mean, I've been waiting for the next few issues of Kick-Ass 2 forever, and they're all just getting released in this stupid-@$$ magazine. I don't want to spend $10 on a magazine when I'm only interested in the $3 comic inside. And they're trying to force you to but it by just releasing the actual individual comics months later. It just pisses me off.

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Yeah, the magazine's okay, but i hate how all the comic issues are castrated and shortened before being printed in Clint.  I felt that the latest part of Kick ass 2 was really short; it literally comprised of Dave Lizewski arguing with his father and colonel Stars getting shot....that was it.  The Superior strip felt really short too.  I can see Millar becoming the next Todd McFarlane (in terms of forming a comics monopoly) and his current stuff seems more orientated at marketing than content

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