dmstarz's Kick-Ass #3 - Issue Three review

Kick Ass 3

I've been a little ambivalent about this comic.  Sure it's a neat idea but, after the first two issue, I was concerned that it was dangerously close to being a one trick pony.  Still, those comics were pretty funny, in a sick kind of way - issue one concentrated on wannabe superhero Dave Lizewski getting seriously injured when trying to stop a fight, whilst this was pretty much repeated in the second issue, though on this occasion, Dave calling on a nearby crowd to call the cops, who instead start videoing the action on their phones.  A pretty cynical take on modern society that. 

But there's certainly something compelling here that keeps me coming back.  In this issue Kick Ass, as Dave is now calling himself, reveals that he isn't going to go around swinging from building to building to tackle crime, rather he's set up a myspace page where those in trouble can leave messages for him to help them.  That's a really great insight into what's happening in our culture.  Dave turns up to try to tell a guy to stop hassling his ex and, well, what happens next would be telling (though I've noticed the variant cover above kind of spoils what happens).  I have to say that whilst Kick Ass relies on trying to be realistic about its superhero action, I felt the ending here, considering the age of the second hero involved, was fairly far fetched.  Let's just say that I would have thought a nine year old would at least be severely traumatised by what happens.

But still worth parting with your pennies, folks.

Posted by inferiorego

This one isn't even worthy enough to line my bird cage, even if I had a bird.

Millar loves cussin'


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