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Kick Ass 2 #7 (Icon)

This issue is dedicated to street fighting. Yes!! I thought as I got my hands on the issue. Little did I know what waited in store for me!

The Good:

The story so far has been interesting. We all know the story on Kick Ass 1. With 2 Miller has pulled out all the stops. Loads of action this issue. Large amounts of blood and gore. This was an all out, smash mouth, jaw punching, crotch kicking, bone breaking issue. Definite must read for all of you who like fast paced action in your comics. The script was excellent. I love the whole “real-life people as superhero’s” concept he has stayed with.

The Bad:

Hit Girls dialogs seemed to be too, how should I put it... predictable. It’s almost as if she is being made to say things just to make people laugh. The finale disappoints me a little. I mean after everything that has happened, after everything that’s gone down between Kick Ass and Red Mist, I expected more. I expected more to the story on what happens now. The ending was a little abrupt for a final issue.

The Funny:

Red Mist and Kick Ass, acting like children going, “You F*** off” “No you F*** off.” - to which Hit girl says, “Will one of you p*****s at least throw a punch?”

A random headless costumed guy telling someone dressed like a ‘goth p***k’ to ‘suck his b***s’

Hit girl cutting Mother Russia’s head off and saying, ‘Relax, I’m just making sure she’s definitely dead’

Kick Ass kicking Red Mist right between the legs. (Always funny)

I give it an overall 8...why? because the action is intense!! (My yellow boxes like action)

SCORE : 8 / 10


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