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Sometimes being a hero means the little things



I liked the cover for this issue. I liked that we get to see Kick Ass and all of the Justice Forever team. The only bad thing is that I am not a big Romita fan so I did not love the art for the cover.


Kick Ass has been spending nights with the Justice Forever and he learns that being a hero does not always mean kicking ass but also helping people in the small ways like helping in soup kitchens.

Best Part

I liked seeing all the different heroes for the Justice Forever and all the different things they do to try to make the world a little bit better. Yes they are awesome crime fighters but they also help the people in other ways. I also liked in this issue that Hitgirl has been trying her best to not be Hitgirl anymore but in the end of the issue it seemed like with a hero down it may make her have one step closer to putting back on the purple wig and costume.

Worst Part

In the story there was no worst part but the wait for this issue was the worst part. Issue 2 came out months ago and now issue 3 is coming out. I think it should be on a monthly or at least every two months for an issue to come out. Hopefully issue 4 will not take months to come out again.


I am not a big fan of John Romita Jr. art. In Kick Ass it is better than other series but it still is very bulgy art. I can tolerate it for Kick Ass but for other series I usually drop it if John Romita Jr. is the artist.  

Pick it up or not

Pick it up!!!

4 out of 5

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Posted by yeopop

Did you buy this comic?

Posted by yeopop

I hate when a bad artist intervenes in one of favorite comics.

Posted by SpiderSlayer

I agree with you 100%

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