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Welcome to Justice Forever



The cover was a little boring and Kick Ass looked like he was copied and pasted on the cover with the white lines around him.


Hit Girl is training Kick Ass to fight better. Marcus sees that Mindy is doing this instead of being in school. When Mindy and Marcus get home Marcus tells Mindy that she has to stop hanging out with the superheroes. Right when those words come out of his mouth she denies it and says she has never even touched a gun since they moved into the new house. Then in the play room Marcus found all guns around. So, Mindy promises she will stop for her mother’s sake. Kick Ass love life is not going that well and still can’t get over Katie. Kick Ass goes out with a fellow superhero named Doctor Gravity and he mentions that he is making a superhero team. They meet again and go in a basement with other heroes. This was the first meeting of Justice Forever.

Best Part

I really like the chemistry between Marcus and Mindy and I can feel a real daughter and father relationship and it made me laugh. I also like to see a formation of a super team in this universe and I am really excited to see where this is going to go. This is only the first issue and it really made me excited for the next issue.

Worst Part

This was not a big problem for me but, I felt there was cursing where cursing was not needed and it kind of made some parts not flow right.


John Romita Jr. is not my favorite artist he actually is very far from my favorite artist. I dropped the Avengers title from my pull list because I hated the art so much and he was the artist for the book. But, with him doing Kick Ass it is a completely different story and this is just Kick Ass art and I actually enjoy it.

Pick it up or not

Pick it up!!!

4 ½ out of 5


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