the_mighty_monarch's Kick-Ass 2 #1 review

Better Than a Kick in the Balls

The Good: In the aftermath of Kick-Ass, Millar has set up a lot of interesting storylines to continue the series. Hit Girl trying to balance her superheroing with a normal life, Red Mist stirring up the newly rising supervillain community, and Kick-Ass forming a superhero team. 
The dialogue is still as fresh as always. All if smacks of awkwardness and strings of profanities, but that only serves to make it feel more natural than most comics, which is fitting considering the theme. 
When Hit-Girl is confronted by her stepfather? Hilarity ensues out the wazoo. But also some serious stuff. 
It's interesting seeing how this society is progressing. There's not a million people running around in costumes, but 2 people walking down the street in costumes? Some people give them funny looks, but there's clear signs of general acceptance brewing, Millar even emphasizes some of this subtly in a clever way. 
Action is still pretty nice, along with the art. 
A few of those new heroes look pretty badass. 
The Bad: Why couldn't this just be "Kick-Ass #9"?
The whole "This is the future, let's see how we got here" thing is a huge cliche, and it's not even pulled off very well this time. They give away too much before we've hardly started. The first series did a lot better, but this one gives key events instead of seemingly random situation. 
I swear to god. How utterly retarded can Dave be? He's STILL pining after Katie Deauxma? First off, she's a typical clique bitch, they have no common interests or even ways of thinking. Second, I hated how retarded he was in the first series and it backfried horribly. Hasn't he learned his lesson? Third, he totally blew it! There is NO WAY IN HELL he can kindle a relationshipo out of this, and he's got to be completely brain dead to believe she's still his 'Lois Lane' and 'Mary Jane." SHE'S NOT. Any reader who believes this needs to stop reading forever, and Dave needs to wake the hell up and focus on something productive or SOMETHING. Just STOP BEING SUCH A MASSIVE DUMBASS. 
In Conclusion: 4.5/5 
If you liked Kick-Ass, you'll like this. This is the logical next step in the story and Millar does a great job keeping the dialogue real and plot interesting. I just wish this could be Kick-Ass #9 instad of Kick-Ass 2 #1. Seriously, I hate when that happens. It's a comic. Comics don't need extra numbers, they're fine because they're SERIALIZATIONS. But I digress. You like Kick-Ass, you like this. It's that simple. This is still as great as Kick-Ass is.

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