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Kick-Ass 2 Issue 1 0

Well, it's about time. After an excruciatingly long wait (This is my sarcasm by the way), Balls to the Wall is finally here, and it's just what you'd expect it to be. Violent, foul-mouthed, and quite enjoyable. I'm a big fan of Mark Millar and John Romita Jr., so the chance for more of their goodness is always a plus, but unlike the masses, I wasn't clamoring for this book so soon. Regardless, it's here and it's here to stay so it's time to kick some more @$$ with Balls to the Wall.     Essenti...

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Better Than a Kick in the Balls 0

The Good: In the aftermath of Kick-Ass, Millar has set up a lot of interesting storylines to continue the series. Hit Girl trying to balance her superheroing with a normal life, Red Mist stirring up the newly rising supervillain community, and Kick-Ass forming a superhero team. The dialogue is still as fresh as always. All if smacks of awkwardness and strings of profanities, but that only serves to make it feel more natural than most comics, which is fitting considering the theme. When Hit-Girl ...

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Welcome to Justice Forever 0

  Cover The cover was a little boring and Kick Ass looked like he was copied and pasted on the cover with the white lines around him. Story Hit Girl is training Kick Ass to fight better. Marcus sees that Mindy is doing this instead of being in school. When Mindy and Marcus get home Marcus tells Mindy that she has to stop hanging out with the superheroes. Right when those words come out of his mouth she denies it and says she has never even touched a gun since they moved into the new house. Then ...

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Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl are back, and then some? 0

Story: The long awaited sequel is here and it starts off with Mindy training Dave in a gym. Dave is still way below mediocre on his fighting skills. He's been training with Mindy for a while now and is getting more serious about it. They want to start a team of heroes in New York so they have a plan to recruit new people. Mindy now lives with her dad's partner in the force Marcus. Marcus knows everything they've been doing and planning and he wants her to stop because he doesn't want her or her ...

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Balls to the Wall! 0

This comic was awesome. I mean really awesome. Usually, I wait until a TPB or hardcover of a series comes out, but I loved the first Kick-Ass book and movie that I just couldn't wait. I went to my regular comic store to buy a couple of TPB's, and happened to notice that on the comic rack there was still an issue of Kick-Ass 2 left. I hadn't expected to see any left. Of course, I just went "HOLY#########IN'#######GOD#####POTATO####! IT'S KICK-ASS 2!!!" and immediately bought it. I've got to say, ...

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