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Early Life

When Kiani was a child, she thought her parents were killed in the destruction of the underwater city, Marielle. Orphaned, Casque took her under his wing and raised her as a warrior. Teaching her how to use her blue talents at their fullest potential.

Dawn of War

Casque and some Blue trainees would be captured by Admiral Maylander while they were training at Shepherd’s Field. Once Kiani discovered the news, she would attempt to find Casque, however, the Blue council did not allow her to form a rescue mission. They feared that rescuing Casque and the others would expose the Blue race. However, after one of their own council members, Marqueses, disappeared, they order Kiani to search for him. They also allowed her to search for Casque at the same time, however, Marqueses is the main priority. While Kiani was filling in Brande and Siphon on their mission, she knew that Casque was in pain wherever he was held.

Kiani in battle

Kiani, Siphon, and Brande headed over to Shepherd’s Field to investigate the abduction of Casque and the trainees. Kiani eventually stumbles across a security video that shows Casque and the trainees being taken somewhere. Meanwhile, Siphon and Brande were investigating the other rooms when someone drives a vehicle through the window, causing water to engulf the house quickly. The water reaches to Kiani quickly, and unlike the Elite Blue, she cannot change her body into water. However, she uses the ability she learned from Casque to phase through the water so it doesn’t knock her out. Kiani rushes over to where Siphon and Brande were supposed to be, only to see them being carried away by a mysterious group. She dashes towards them quickly and frees Siphon and Brande to even the odds. After defeating a couple of them, Kiani engages against a woman wielding two swords. However, their fight stops quickly when Brande was held with a knife next to his throat. Kiani is forced to surrender and they were taken prisoners willingly.

Back at their base of operations, Kiani exchanges a few harsh words with one of the goons she defeated. They are interrupted by Marqueses, who tells them that he sent those people to detain them. Marqueses then fills Kiani and the others in on the reason for his disappearance. He had been planning to rescue Casque from Maylander for awhile, and did not want to ask the council for anything. He tells Kiani that he wants to free his brethrens from captivity, and for her to be prepared to go to war if she agrees. Kiani, Brande, and Siphon discuss their plan at a waterfall nearby. She tells them that she does not trust Marqueses and that they should inform Cannon. Siphon tells Kiani that he can use their computer and send a message with the location to Cannon. After they successfully send the message to Cannon, Kiani meets up with Marqueses out on the field. She tells Marqueses that she is willing to ally herself with him to help Casque.

The next day, they headed for Maylander’s secret base where Casque was being held captive. They blow off most of the top of the base and quickly eliminated any threat in their way. Kiani opens a room where the trainees where being held in tubes. Horrified at what the humans have done to them, she orders the others to free the trainees and take them to the ship. Kiani heads to the room where Casque was being held captive. Marqueses was at the control station opening Casque’s prison. Kiani catches Casque, but was knocked away by Rox. Kiani is forced to engage against Rox while Marqueses takes Casque away with him. However, Kiani makes quick work of Rox when she cuts off his legs then stabs him to death. Talia was standing behind her ready for their second round. The two begin fighting, but Talia is quickly overmatched by Kiani. Marqueses then successfully blows up the entire base, Kiani was able to escape from the wreckage, but she and the others were left stranded. Cannon would eventually arrives to pick them up. However, Kiani takes the jet inside their ship and flies to where Marqueses has taken Casque. Meanwhile, Marqueses reveals that Casque is a black, and is angered that he would not stand by his side and use his power to help the people of the Blue.

Heated Battle

Marqueses would be interrupted when the lights were cut. Kiani frees Casque and engages against Marqueses. The place gets caught on fire and they continue their battle while Casque escapes. Marqueses begins taunting Kiani that her master is leaving her to die. Marqueses begins retreating and Kiani follows him. However, she loses him for a second, and Marqueses was almost able to get a sneak attack off on her, their battle continues over to the edge of a cliff. Kiani and Marqueses charges each other for the final blow, but it is Kiani who is stabbed on her right shoulder, and falls off the cliff. She was seriously wounded and was fighting to stay awake. Kiani begins reminiscing through her memories about the time when she trained with Casque.

Casque stopping Marqueses

Just as Kiani passes out, Casque arrives and rips the sword out of her shoulder. He then uses his Black powers to heal Kiani. Marqueses then confronts the two, demanding to use Casque’s powers. However, Casque became angered at what Marqueses had done, and so he used his Black powers to destroy Marqueses. Right afterwards, a large group of Blacks emerged from the sea. Casque is forced to return home with his brethrens. Kiani is crushed that Casque left her, and begins thinking about what Maylander will do to retaliate.

War against the Humans

Kiani and the others are now back at Dor, the Capital City of the Blues. While the trainees who were captured by Maylander were training to walk again, Kiani was also training to get stronger. She was angered that she had to lose Casque on three separate occasions. It was motivation for her to train and become as strong as she could. Meanwhile, Cannon receives a message from the city Saba, alerting him that they are under attack by the humans. Cannon became outraged when others did not want to go to Saba to rescue those in need because of their orders. Cannon was prepared to go alone, but he would not as Kiani, Siphon, and Brande are ready to join him. The four of them take a ship and headed for a whirlpool called the Hydroport that would transport them to Saba. They encounter a human ship while heading for the whirlpool, and once they were finally able to go through, they discover Saba in ruins. They are forced into a battle against the humans, but are overmatched by them. Thalassar would arrive and save the four of them, they were finally able to hide with whatever remaining survivors were left. Cannon tells Thalassar that they did not come to save the city, but to save him and his people. They all get on the ship that Cannon brought and Kiani has to maneuver the ship through the Hydroport, while Cannon holds off the humans. Kiani was successful in bringing the ship and the people back to the city Muria. Shortly afterwards, the guards had just arrested Cannon for disobeying orders and going to Saba. Cannon was in trial as Thalassar tried to defend Cannon. Kiani became angered that the council would arrest Cannon for saving their own people. Luckily, Thalassar stopped Kiani before she got herself arrested.

Kiani, along with Brande and Siphon

Later, Kiani heads over to Cannon’s prison only to find a guard beaten badly as Cannon escaped. Meanwhile, Maylander and his army has just discovered the Hydroport and are about to head to Dor. While Kiani was forced to follow orders and stay around Muria, the council is doing nothing about the human’s attack, but they would rather find and arrest Cannon for what he has done. The humans are moving in quickly, their weapons are outmatching the Blues easily. While Thalassar was trying to argue with the council, Kiani was sitting by herself outside. As Brande approached Kiani, she realizes that the humans have just arrived. She engages against the humans, and at first had the upper hand. However, Kiani underestimated the human’s technology, and she was shot by an electrical wire. Kiani was electrocuted, and as she screamed in pain her body began turning into water. Cannon had just returned and informed the council members that Taras lives on in him, and he has been keeping Taras in check for a long time. They then tell Cannon about what had happened to Kiani. Kiani was still unconscious and they discovered that she was an Elite Blue, no one had ever known of her true potential. Her parents had died so young that there was no knowledge about her heritage, even Casque didn’t know for sure if Kiani was an Elite Blue. While Cannon and the others went on a mission, Kiani was able to wake up. A few days later, Cannon and the others return from their mission. They headed to the infirmary where Kiani was, to discover that she was not there. Kiani was training in a room by herself, she remembered when Casque told her that she was unique and special, and that she had an unusual connection to the water. She used to believe that he told that to all his students, but after what had happened to her, she knows what he meant now.

Kiani fell asleep in her tub and begins having nightmares that she dissolves into water completely. After she wakes up, she begins questioning her past until a woman approaches her. The woman tells Kiani that she is a hero and that she looks up to her for strength and courage. They continue on with their deep conversation and she introduces herself to Kiani as Anya. Later, Kiani tries to learn to control her new abilities more. Kiani and the others begin to gear up to battle the humans. They finally head into battle against the humans at Dor. Kiani was controlling a ship, then the humans locked on to her. They blew up her ship but she was able to abandon it easily with her new powers. Kiani then tests out her new powers on a human ship and blew it away. The battle continues from Dor to Muria, where Aspen Matthews finally meets up with Cannon and the others. Kiani then joins the battle with them as she wields her new abilities against the humans. Maylander finally arrives with his huge ships, he then drops explosives down towards Kiani, Aspen, Finn (Aspen’s brother) and Cannon. Aspen becomes angered by Maylander and she begins unleashing her more of her power, knocking them out of the sea. Meanwhile, Kiani was destroying the army’s jets and not allowing them to get airborne. She jumps on the carriers and continues destroying more jets to disable the humans. After Cannon was hit by a missile, Aspen was forced to unleash all of her powers and destroyed all human ships. Aspen ended the war against the humans, and the Blues begin reconstruction on their city.

First Volume of Fathom: Kiani


The war left many dead Blue soldiers, eventually a rescue team would be sent to pick up Kiani and any survivors. Back at the city, Siphon informs Kiani about the death of Brande. It is the aftermath of the war and Kiani is quietly mourning the death of Brande, who was killed in an explosion while trying to disarm a bomb the humans planted. While Kiani was in the hall where Brande’s statue was built, she begins to reminisce through her memories about the time when Casque trained her, Brande, and Siphon. While they were training on the surface, they see a light that was caused by Killian. However, Casque tells Kiani not to let it distract her and they continue their training. Kiani and Brande spar for a bit, but they were distracted by another beam of light. Soon after, Anya approaches Kiani in the hall and talks to her about her uncontrollable powers. Anya then begins talking about Kiani’s parents, but she stops her mid-way as Kiani became angered at Anya for dishonoring her parents with some rumor. Anya becomes impatient and tells her that she resembles too much like her father. Kiani finally realizes that the rumors are true, Anya and Killian are her parents.

The Truth?

Anya then explains to Kiani that she and Killian were forced to give Kiani to Casque, in hopes for Kiani to have a better life. Killian and Anya were already fugitives. Anya then tells Kiani that the reason she revealed this is because only Kiani has the power to retrieve the remains of Killian. At first Kiani did not want to have anything to do with them, however, after spending some time alone she eventually decides to go after her father's remains. Kiani has to search for the Aescylot City, she meets up with Masacas, who knows where the city is located. Masacas takes Kiani to uncharted water and brings her to an area with the Hydroport that would lead her to the city. However, the Hydroport was hidden amongst thousands of false ports (false ports destroys any being that enters it), and only Kiani has the power to destroy all the false ports with a thought. Kiani unleashes her powers and reveals the real Hydroport, to which Kiani enters it alone.

Kiani arrives at an isolated colony of the Blue, who believes Kiani to be Kira, a destined savior from an upcoming threat. Kiani denies their claims, but her effort is ignored. The leader of these people bestows a powerful and sacred to Kiani and announces to her "we are your slaves"

Kiani's Return

Kiani and her followers

After her apparent death at the hands of Aspen Matthews, Kiani's story continues months later. She survived Aspen's attack due to a healing power that she was told to keep secret by mentor, Casque. In a secret meeting between Siphon, a Blue and Casque, a Black discuss that Kiani will be a great threat now that the Blue has agreed to make peace with the humans. At this point it is apparent that only they and possibly Kiani know the secret behind Kiani's origins and the source of her new found powers.

As predicted by Siphon and Casque, Kiani single handily attacks a small fleet of Blue watercraft that was dispatched to protect a visiting a human peace keeping craft. After she is destroying every craft and killing both human and Blue, it is reviled that Kiani has group followers. It turns out Kiani is using the abandon city of Marielle as her base of operations to build her human resistance group, but it wasn't long until her father, Killian, who's now Commander of the Elite Guard for the Blue sent her in imprisonment.


After the events of the Elite Saga, Kiani was consumed with guilt and goes into self-imposed exile. While out in the surface, Kiani met a Russian scientist named Luzhin, but later turns out that he's also a Blue who has been working with the humans. He tells her that he knows where Kiani's sister, Anika is and Kiani wants to get there to see her. However Luzhin and the other scientists wants to test Kiani's fighting skills and powers in a facility called the Volna and they took a sample of her blood. Kiani knows they can't be trusted and she attacks them. Luzhin's soldiers chased her, but she was aided with a help of Casque. Kiani and Luzhin battle each other and she killed him. Two months later, Kiani travels to the Republic of Botswana and she finally found her sister, Anika along with a new gang of Blue.

Kiani and her sister, Anika

Kiani and Anika are reunited together to face a human admiral named Hoover, along with his men who tries to attack the sisters that are now making peace with the humans in Mogadishu. Kiani threatens Hoover and told him next time he attacks, her and Anika will come after him. Hoover wasn't finish with them so he sent a genetically-modified human-Blue hybrid monster covered in gray ooze-like matter to destroy the sisters. The monster shot Kiani's arm with the matter causing pain and Anika tries to defeat the fiend, but it overwhelms her with it's matter. The sisters were saved by Shalla Barnic, a weapon dealer who has history with Cannon Hawke. Shalla gave Kiani and Anika a couple of special tech armors to defeat Hoover and his monsters. The sisters manage to kill them and Anika, who refuses to listen to Kiani not to kill Hoover did it just that, but danger from Hoover's last words leads Kiani and Anika back to Shalla and notice he sold them out. The sisters confronts Shalla, but he told them Admiral Maylander was the one that tries to destroy them. While a helicopter here to pick up Kiani and Anika, they spared Shalla's life and head to Maylander's secret location which seems to be an oil plant. Inside the plant has prisoners of Blue that were controlled by Maylander. The sisters confront Maylander and his soldiers after Anika killed a ferocious prisoner Blue. Anika looks forward to kill Maylander, but he warned her things will get worse for her, Kiani and the Blue if she does kill him. Kiani tries to prevent Anika from letting it happen, but recklessly she refuses to listen to her and about to finish Maylander off. Kiani has no choice but to put her sister down with her water blade ability by stabbing her. Kiani was sorry she had to do it to stop her and Anika last words to her says, "I trust you" before dissolving into water. Kiani may have saved Maylander's life, but she warned him no more deaths and no one can control the Blue. Maylander let her go and she swims off thinking she and the Blue must be wiser to the humans and think long term. At the bottom of the plant, Anika in water form appears that she survived from the kill by Kiani and one day will see her sister again.

Powers and Abilities

Water Control

At first, Kiani does not have the ability to control water. She learned an ability from Casque that allows her to phase through water so it does not crush her. During Fathom volume 2 issue 5, Kiani's hidden abilities were activated when Maylander's army electrocuted her. Kiani now has the ability to manipulate water at her own will.


In a battle with Aspen Matthews, Kiani's body was pulled apart by a vortex that Aspen opened. Believed to be dead, Kiani actually has the power to regenerate herself and quickly heal severe wounds to her body.


Kiani learned to wield a sword from Casque. She is a very good swordsman and wields a blue water blade. Her sword's blade can sheath itself by disappearing, and reforms at her will.

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