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Brief History

On the council

Ki-Adi Mundi was a well trained Jedi, and was well known for using one hand to fight. His Master Micah Giiett was in the Jedi Temple, and he trained him very well. Years later, after being trained, Master Micah knew Mundi was ready for a true mission. Him, Mace Windu and his Master went to a planet to do a mission. His Master died by being trapped and surrounded by Droids, while Mace and Ki-adi Mundi escaped. Ki-adi Mundi soon asked to be in the Jedi Council to replace Micah Giiett, and he was the first one to be in the council that was a padawan. During the Clone Wars, Ki-Adi-Mundi fought on the side of the Republic. There, he became a Commander of his own legion of Clone Troopers.

Facing certain death

During one of his many battles, Order 66 was launched and Ki-Adi-Mundi was attacked by his own troops. He managed to defend himself against the first shots his troops fired on him, but eventually was hit and killed after Order 66 had only been in place for a few minutes.

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