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Khoon was the greatest explorer of his entire race. He conquered all land and space in his own dimension until nothing was unknown to his people.

He found a way to breach the dimensional corridor and flew his ship inside. He was unable to navigate the corridor and his ship was unable to withstand it's forces. His ship destroyed, he used the wreckage to make automated servants for him. He created them in the shape of mechanical wolves. He believed they would be able to aide him in his escape.

He floated for eons, as far as he could tell for time had no meaning, searching for an escape. He discovered many portals to unknown realms but could not traverse them, for it would mean his own destruction. He believed himself to be in a purgatory, a prison. He mapped every inch of the corridor in the millennia he spent there.

He came across Galactus' ship travelling toward the Magus during the Infinity War. He attempted to take over the ship and escape. He was able to defeat the Silver Surfer through emotional ways, threatening to throw Nova into the corridor to be lost forever. He also overpowered Dr. Strange with a powerful energy blast from an emitter located in the chest of his armored suit. Once he came inside the ship, however, he was quickly defeated by Galactus, who incorporated him into his ships navigational systems in order to use his knowledge of the region, killing him in the process.

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