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Khaos is a Dark Elf and native of Irth also know as Earth-9339. As an infant he was stolen and raised by fair elven royalty. He became a mercenary along with; the half-elf swordsman Kromm, the human archer Longstrider and elven technowizard Kamendae and Quatro. While in a mission he learned of who he really was and his destiny; the end the eternal war between Irith’s many technomystical races. Ghath the human archmage had different plans for Irth and with a mighty spell sent Khaos to Earth-616. While he talk with Excalibur he grew furious of the idea of Ghath bringing chaos to his world and try to cast a spell to send the bravest warrior Kylun but was stead send himself to Irth. Excalibur followed him back to Irth, where they saw for the first time Ghath and his newly constructed army. With Excalibur by his side Khaos easily brought Ghath down along with his army. As Excalibur return home Khaos was pull as well into our world once again, he declined membership of Excalibur and stead seek to recreate the original teleportation spell that Ghath use, so he could prevent his native world from being tear apart by the eternal war.


 Khaos wear a teknomagical armor made of unknown metal along with a pair of swords that he can focus his innate magical powers through them. While empower they can cut through energy, disruption energy flows, damage intangible beings and if taken away from him he can summon them mentally from across any distant. He carries a teknomagical monkey statue called IBIC that fires energy bolts, channels energies for spellcasting, and analyzes other magical items and spells. Khaos flies using teknomagical metal wings stored in his backpack. Do to his nature as mercenary he is quite tactical and merciless. As Dark Elf he heals quicker then other being and has an expanded lifespan.

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