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Khalis was created by Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E. writer Jeff Lemire.

Khalis first appeared in 1st Issue Special 9.

Dr. Fate met Khalis, a servant of Anubis, when he went to investigate a Boston museum. Dr. Fate was easily defeated when a backlash of his own magic left him unconscious. Khalis revealed to the unmoving form of Dr. Fate, that the amulet was Khalis'. Dr. Fate awoke hours later and went back to his tower in Salem to recover.

He studies the origins of Khalis safely in his tower. The "mad scientist" Khalis used his tactics to scare the slaves into building temples and pyramids to the God Anubis. Anubis gives him the amulet of Anubis and he uses the power to corrupt himself further. Nabu tracks the Mad priest down and defeats him. The slaves are no longer under Khalis' mind control and they rebel. Khalis' is mummfied alive for his sacrilege. Anubis gives Khalis' the gift of life after death until the talisman is recovered.

Khalis calls for Anubis and lets him know the talisman has been recovered. Anubis does not remember Khalis and dispatches him to defeat Dr. Fate and get back into Anubis' good graces. Dr. Fate defeats Khalis and Anubis leaves before Khalis' final fate is met. Dr. Fate uses the sarcophagus seal to turn Khalis into dust and retreaves the seal.

This Khalis may or may not be the same Khalis a member of the Creature Commandos. His head was recently severed in the battle with the hominids.

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