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Current Events

Kevin joins Justice League International and accompanies them on their flight to Paris to battle Ronnie Raymond, Firehawk and another Firestorm. OMAC is controlled by Brother Eye who has a new master. The controlled OMAC defeats the Justice League International and when Booster works on infecting the controlled OMAC Brother Eye leaves an unconscious Kevin. Kevin is seen being cared for in a STAR Lab.


Little is known of Kevin's background before being infected by a virus from Brother Eye. He is employed as a biologist at the Cadmus Laboratories. Brother Eye understood that Maxwell Lord wanted an army of these OMACs so he stole the virus and left Checkmate. Brother Eye chose Kevin as the unlikely recepiant of the virus.


Kevin Kho was created by Dan DiDio and Keith Giffen, appearing in O.M.A.C. part of DC Comics New 52 initiative.


Kevin Kho was unwillingly transformed into O.M.A.C., the One-Machine Attack Construct. He is powered by the all-seeing Brother Eye, a remote satellite that orbits the Earth.

Powers and Abilities

When Brother Eye chooses so, Kevin is transformed into the O.M.A.C. His abilities in this form include enhanced strength and fighting abilities as well as the ability to tap into electromagnetic devices, such as computers. Kevin is mostly powerless when he is under the control of Brother Eye. When in his regular form, he can communicate with Brother Eye through most electronics devices, including televisions, cell phones and personal music players. As a section leader at Cadmus, it can also be assumed that he is relatively skilled in the field of biology and specifically genetics.

Following the destruction of Brother Eye, Kevin gained control over his O.M.A.C. form, but also found himself trapped in this body, unable to revert back to his human state.

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