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Claiming to be older than the mountains or trees, Kestus has spend many lifetimes acting as a goddess to humans, who she believes are merely upright animals, making them fight and battle for her own wealth. She seems to have a penchant for jewels and treasure.  
When she led a group of men against the people of Lu in China, she met the Steward, who planned to stop her from invading the town and turning the advancement of civilization backward. The Steward escaped and made sure that the townspeople were prepared for the attack. Before he folded the day, he returned to Kestus. He tricked her into taking a ring from him that he had placed a barb in. When she put it on, it pricked her finger, showing her subjects that she was merely flesh. Between their doubt and the notice he had given the villagers, she was defeated. 
While the Steward moved on to the next problem of humanity, Kestus remained unwatched, Long had she sought someone like herself and to be scorned by the Steward would not be something she would take lightly. 

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