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After the outbreak of World War III, the human coexistence became hostile and wild in a real sanguinary struggle between the people to get the few remaining resources to survive, an era in which prevail only the law of the strongest ones as the fittest to dominate others. Countless tyrants formed their feudal kingdoms at the expense of the enslavement, murder and torture of men, women, children and elderly, but in the midst of so much injustice, appeared a minority of men trained in versatile martial arts that despite their great powers, they did not abuse of anyone and helping the most vulnerable. Among them, a powerful warrior named Kenshiro has risen from the ashes to restore justice in the midst of such tyranny. Through his path, Kenshiro was known and respected for his particular form of intolerance against the evil and for his great sense of justice punishing ruthlessly those who don't show compassion or respect for the innocent life. In this way, became the legendary savior of the century's end.

Hokuto's brothers: Toki, Raoh and Kenshiro

Kenshiro was chosen as the true 64th inheritor of the Hokuto Shinken style over his three adopted brothers, Raoh, Toki, and Jagi. He’s the youngest of four adopted brothers by the Hokuto Shin Ken sensei (master) Ryuuken, who trained all them since their childhood with severely so that only one of them managed to be the worthy bearer of the art. Kenshiro was engaged to Julia, a beautiful official and highest authority of the sacred fist constellation of the Southern Cross (Nanto Sei Ken clan) who suffered an illness that eventually ended her life, also, she was the center of the love that created discord among the Hokuto's brothers. Ken on his endless journeys and struggles was always accompanied by his most unconditional friends: the pair of little orphans Lynn and Bart. On his chest are seven scars in the shape of the Big Dipper "Hokuto Shichisei", the symbol of Hokuto Shinken that was put there by Shin in a fight. Otherwise, there is a so-called death star "Shichou-sei", which can be only seen by the people who are fated to die in a short time.

Best friends

Kenshiro's journey began with the abduction of Yuria by Shin, his closest friend and practitioner of Nanto Koshū Ken, who gave Kenshiro his enigmatic scars after an armed encounter. Kenshiro spent the next year seeking retribution, and soon encountered Bat and Lin in a city, who he later befriended after rescuing them. He allowed them to follow him on his journey. Kenshiro defeated Shin's four generals, and moved ever so closely towards his goal, liberating those in oppressed towns and cities as he traveled. Driven by anger, Kenshiro confronted Shin at his citadel, who revealed that Yuria had committed suicide in grief. Kenshiro defeated Shin, who emulated her death by jumping from the room's balcony. Kenshiro later gave his friend a proper burial.

With Kenshiro aimless, he resumed wandering the wasteland. Along the way, he continued to free people from the tyranny of powerful groups such as the Jackal and the Fang Clan. He also met other friends such as Rei and Mamiya. After hearing that a Hokuto Shinken practitioner was committing atrocities under Kenshiro's identity, Kenshiro went to investigate. Kenshiro confronted Jagi, the youngest of the three other Hokuto brothers, who revealed that he was the one who orchestrated the events behind Yuria's capture. Enraged, Kenshiro defeated Jagi, who revealed that Raoh and Toki were still alive.

Hokuto Shinken

Ken is the strongest one and the best martial artist of the entire history of the Hokuto Shinken style, which has existed for over 2000 years and can only be passed down to one disciple per generation according to tradition. The Hokuto Shinken is a powerful Chinese assassination martial art, which Kenshiro can use to kill so brutally his enemies in a few seconds by hitting different pressure vital points on the human body (708 secret power points called “tsubos nerves”, which regulate the internal flow of vital energy 'Ki or Chi' throughout the body). Once these vital points are pressed, the person's nerves, muscles and organs start to reject their brain's impulses, causing an uncontrolled concentration of energy in that point that ends in a violent and horrid explosive death. In the same way, this killer technique beyond be used to blow people up is also used to control the peoples’ bodies and heal the disabled, restore the memory and eyesight, cure diseases, prolong life expectancy, etc. (the last mentioned with a benevolent purpose and with very rapid and effective impact more than Chinese acupuncture or the traditional reflexology). When Ken becomes enraged, he inflicts on his opponent a massive flurry of punches and jabs called "Hokuto Hyakuretsu Ken" or Hundred Crack Fist, which is one of his main techniques.

Hundred Crack Fist !!

When a successor has been elected, for the rest of the other practitioners are sealed their fists in order to prevent the corruption of the Hokuto fist. In this sense, the successor must erase their memories, disable them for the rest of their life so that they can not practice anymore martial arts or in the worst case kill them all. For this reason, the Hokuto Shin Ken is considered a supreme and sacred martial art, conceived almost by divinely inspiration and perfected in countless bloody battles, because it was made to dominate the man in all the methaphysical and spiritual plane (destroying tsubos and killing in seconds, curing disease and disability, subordinating the death, controlling the entire body at will and having absolute dominance over all the emotions, feelings and thoughts).


The Hokuto Shin Ken's technique allows their practitioners (Kenshiro, Toki, Raoh and Jagi) the ability to develop the fighting spirit (KI aura) using 100% of all the potential physical, mental and sensorial from the human body. The features that stand out are: increasing the physical strength to superhuman levels; high degree of resistance to physical damage or injuries (allows the muscles and bones to harden more than the same steel); tremendous coordination, balance, agility, reflexes and intelligence that far exceed the human peak; superhuman speed and durability; and projections of energy attacks which can be used to pressure the vital points.

Superhuman resistance to physical damage and durability.

Astonishing superhuman strenght.

Superhuman speed.

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