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By P. Skylar Owens

While in her junior year, Kemette Selina Osundi received a cryptic message from her father to meet him at their Egyptian dig site. Professor Lucien Osundi was close to finding the legendary Obsidian Pyramid and the letter requested her presence for the unveiling. Little did she know that it was a trap by the Iranian Terrorist, to use her as leverage upon her arrival. Trapped with her father’s Archaeology group, they were tasked to decipher a strange, Ebony stone tablet. All attempts were met with failure; however, the young girl received a key piece in a dream. With everything in place, the mysterious temple appeared and the terrorists brought the professor and his invalid daughter along. But by intruding upon the sacred temple with malicious intent, they unleashed guardian spirits. In the ensuing chaos, Kemette was sucked into a portal and found herself teleported to a strange alien world. Her physical appearance was altered and her body was whole. The change coated her body with a mysterious silver substance and gave her superhuman strength and near invulnerability. Unfortunately, the shock of the journey gave her amnesia, and placed her in the middle of a battle with human warriors versus a terrifying reptilian race: The Ophidian Empire.

Her new abilities proved most useful, as she joined the war, slowly gaining her memories and honing her fighting prowess. The fighting came to a climax as the reptiles made a last ditch effort to destroy her, but the powers unleashed cosmic forces that had to be stopped. Kemette sacrificed her life, but instead, found a portal back home.

Realizing that, despite spending 5 years on an alien world, she was returned scant minutes after the obsidian temple incident. After rescuing her father and the archaeology team, The Gods of Kemet set her onto a sacred quest. It was only a matter of time before the Ophidian Empire breached the dimensional wall and invaded her world. It was up to Kemette to locate and activate the new order. She was to find the dormant, re-incarnation of the new Pantheon of modern Gods and Godesses. Once gathered, the battle to defend the world would begin…

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