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Though, Kei is actually twenty-six years old, her body remained short and petite. Her young appearance made it incredibly difficult to ever get a date. They either rejected her offers for fear of what others would think, or the kind of guys hat would date her she wanted nothing to do with. Normally after rejection, her anger for the better of her, and she would often lash out violently.


Take On Me Vol. 1 JPN (Jul 2004)

Kei Ohno (大野 恵, Ōno Kei) is a main character of the manga series Take On Me that was created by Sessyu Takemura. It originally began publication by Core Magazine's Megastore Comics in 2004. When the U.S. publisher Eros Comix released the first volume in English in 2007. The title was changed to Domin-8 Me.

Her first appearance was in Take On Me Volume 1 CH. 2 "Big".

Character Evolution

Short and flat-chested, she's a 26-year-old virgin with an anger management problem, but just as horny as her sister Hikaru.

Major Story Arcs

Powers & Abilities

Other Media

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