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After Khaji Da broke free from the control of the Reach thanks to its new host Jaime Reyes it left behind in the Reach systems information on its self. This caused the spread of free will among many of the scarabs and a group of them broke free from the control of the Reach. These scarab found themselves new hosts and took the named Khaji Da Revolutionary Army after the being that inspired their movement and freedom. However despite their new freedoms the scarabs did not abandon the violent ways of the Reach all together. Instead of using piece they choose to want to free beings by violently destroying oppressive governments. Their methods would cause the downfall of societies but like any radical movement they felt they where just. However they choose to go to earth and join with the Blue Beetle so that he can become their leader. They arrive on earth and find Jaime and Khaji Da while he is at a school dance. There arrival causes Jaime's idea to become known and they tell Jaime of their plans. Despite their independence he of course will not go along with their violent methods and becomes an enemy of theirs. He begins to fight the members of the KDRA. Meanwhile Nadia a friend of Jaime has used a hologram to give back Jaime's secret identity but she is killed by two of the KDRA and her friend Hector arrives and finds her and seeing the hologram motionless due to not being given orders he blames the Blue Beetle for her death. Meanwhile Jaime has realized something Nadia told him earlier and uses his scarab to send all the scarabs in a reboot that will last for 27.4 days. Jaime is able to start the reboot powering down all the scarabs. The hosts and are taken into custody by the Green Lanterns but they are missing the scarab of the army's leader Djo Zha. Djo Zha has been taken by Hector who is now in L.A.

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