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Katma Tui was Green Lantern for the planet of Korugar during her tenure as a member of the Green Lantern Corps (this was in sector 1417). She replaced Sinestro as the Green Lantern for this sector. He had used his power ring to establish himself as totalitarian ruler of his planet. Katma Tui eventually helped lead the revolt against him which would result in his removal as planetary leader, of him being removed as a member of the corps and of being imprisoned in the anti-matter universe on the planet of Qward. She was nominated by Tomar-Re as the replacement Green Lantern for the sector, which she accepted. Despite this she was regarded as a villain by her native Korugarans as the Green Lanterns were falsely considered a symbol of tyranny because of the actions of Sinestro. She is therefore known as “Katma Tui the lost.”


Katma Tui was created by John Broome and Gil Kane, among the earliest seen members of the Green Lantern Corps.

Character Evolution

For the majority of her publication history, Katma Tui was a secondary character, showing up when her support was necessary or on other matters which concerned the corps. In her first encounter with Hal Jordan (and first appearance), Earth's Green Lantern convinced Katma to abandon her fiance and devote her life to the Corps. Later, after Jordan himself quit the Corps to spend more time with Carol Ferris and John Stewart was chosen as his replacement, she was sent to Earth to train him. A romance between the two soon developed and the two would eventually marry.

Major Story Arcs

Katma's first major involvement in a series was in the first volume of Green Lantern Corps, in which she was a featured character. After the return of the Guardians, Katma moved in with Stewart in New York, but soon afterwards she was murdered in her home by an insane Star Sapphire. She is honored in the crypts of Oa among the fallen. John still expresses a great regret over her loss and is shown on panel often to continue to miss her.

She was briefly resurrected as a Black Lantern during Blackest Night, but she was successfully severed from the black lantern ring and her body was rendered once again inert.

Powers and Abilities

Katma Tui is an able hand-to-hand combatant and is a natural leader.

Weapons and Equipment

As a member of the Green Lantern corps Katma wielded a green power ring. This ring is restricted only by her imagination and willpower and can accomplish feats such as flight, creation of solid light constructs and interplanetary communication.

Other Media

In the Justice League episode "Hearts and Minds," Katma appears as John Stewart's former teacher. In the beginning of the episode she fights Despero's army and is one of the few survivors, falling are Arkis Chumumck and Galius Zed. She pretends to serve Despero, but in the end helps the league and Green Lantern Kilowog defeat Despero and turn him into a tree. She, as well helped re-train John in using his ring, refrencing Kyle Rayner.

Katma Tui is voiced by Kim Mai Guest.

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