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Kathryn Monaghan or better known as Katie, was the local hooker of Halfmiletown, the biological mother of Tommy Monaghan and Frances Monaghan. She was hated by the "upstanding" people of Halfmiletown for his condition of hooker, even so, too many men in the town used their services the Sundays after the church. She had the habit of calling his bastards, with the name of his fathers, was his way of revenge for their customers, this habit cost him his life, when a very rich man called Tom Dawson use his services with regularity, Katie got pregnant of him, this pregnancy only brought more misery to the life of Katie, Tom burns the house of Katie with three of his sons inside, and force him to escape to America, leaving his daughter behind, she lived a week in a orphanage in Gotham City, until Dawson found her, he chased her in a blizzard night, when they were alone Tom Dawson stabbed to Katie, luckily Katie had recently given birth, fulfilling its promise to save the baby, his last moments were at the same Gotham orphanage where Tommy Monaghan would grow up.

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