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Proper Japanese Title: Niji no Nazo Kuru! (虹の謎来る!)

Chapter Titles

  • Target 382: The Power of the Vindice (復讐者の力 Vuindiche no chikara)
  • Target 383: Flames of Determination (決意の炎 Ketsui no Honō)
  • Target 384: Those Who Watch the Battle (戦いを見る者 Tatakai o miru mono)
  • Target 385: Invitation (勧誘 Gansū)
  • Target 386: The Fated Day and The Representative War (運命の日と代理戦争 Unmei no hi to dairi sensō)
  • Target 387: Reborn's Doubt (リボーンの疑問 Ribōn no Gimon)
  • Target 388: Dilemma (窮地 Kiyū Chiji)
  • Target 389: Tsuna Moves (ツナ動く Tsuna Ugoku)
  • Target 390: Home Tutor Disqualification (家庭教師失格 Kateikyō Shikkaku)
  • Target 391: The Big Summoning (大招集 Dai Shōshū)







Story Arcs

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