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Kate is an all-American kid from Portland, Oregon whose wild card turned during tryouts for the junior high softball team. Her practice pitch broke the catcher's hand. Determined to make the team, Kate poured all her effort and energy into that pitch, and it turned out to be quite a lot of energy indeed. She can dramatically increase the kinetic energy of any object she throws. Additionally, she can adjust the trajectory and energy of the object after it leaves her hand. She's something of a human guided missile launcher. She can throw a grain of rice, guide it into a keyhole, and detonate it with enough force to destroy the lock and open the door--or throw an apple and destroy the entire door. She was banned from playing on the softball team, or any sport teams, but that hardly mattered. She's an ace. She practiced and perfected her power, and is always looking for new ways to show it off. 

Nineteen, slim and athletic, she's driven, competitive, and confident. She usually carries a handful of nuts, a few marbles, or other small objects in her pockets, so she always has something to throw.

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