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Early Costume Design

The daughter of publishing magnate Derek Bishop, Kate was born into a life of privilege and luxury, though she never fully embraced her father's self-serving attitude, instead taking after her mother and contributing to a variety of social causes. The death of her mother while she was doing charity work overseas and her father's single-minded focus on his business meant that Kate learned to chart her own course early on in life. Sometime after her mother died, Kate was attacked in Central Park during a nighttime walk, and while the precise nature of this attack has never been clearly stated, it is implied that she was sexually assaulted. Turning her sense of grief, shame and helplessness towards positive ends, Kate began a rigorous training regimen, schooling herself in the arts of archery, fencing, sword fighting, self defense, and several other types of combat, all in an attempt to prepare herself against such an attack in the future and prevent it from happening to others.

Kate met the Young Avengers during her older sister's wedding when gunmen took the entire church hostage. Her quick thinking played a large part in the gunmen's defeat when things took a bad turn for the Young Avengers. Afterwards, Kate met Cassie Lang and the two became quick friends, traveling to the ruins of Avengers Mansion and joining the team even when they were threatened by Kang the Conqueror. Kate's father is very wealthy and she used this money to get new uniforms for the team after their originals were confiscated by Captain America and Iron Man, while Kate was a major driving force in keeping the team active and afloat after being shut down by the older heroes. The team also uses an empty building owned by her father as a base. After Patriot was injured during the battle between the Kree and Skrull Empires over their teammate Hulkling, Kate stood up to Captain America about their need for training. Impressed and somewhat humbled by Kate's words, Captain America gave her the codename Hawkeye and Clint Barton's bow and arrows, along with his blessing.


Kate and the Young Avengers

Kate Bishop was created by Allan Heinberg and Jim Cheung and appeared along with the other Young Avengers, with the exception of Speed and the young Vision, in Young Avengers #1 in 2005.

Major Story Arcs

Civil War and Beyond

Kate and the rest of the Young Avengers were aligned with Captain America's forces, after the Secret Avengers freed them from the custody of SHIELD's Capekiller units. Alongside the rest of the team, the new Hawkeye traveled to LA during the conflict to assist the Runaways, and the two teams would join forces against the threat of the Warden and Marvel Boy. Kate was disappointed by her friend Stature's decision to register with the government after the death of Goliath, but remained supportive of her friend, and the two parted fairly amicably. Also during the conflict, she, Patriot and the new Vision encountered Bucky for the first time, and assisted him in bringing down a cell of HYDRA, an experience she would remember vividly months afterward.

Civil War

Following the victory of Iron Man's forces in the Civil War, Hawkeye remained with the rebel superheroes, often teaming up with Patriot while on patrol. Shortly before the funeral of Captain America, Hawkeye and Patriot were confronted by Clint Barton, the original Hawkeye (at the time dressed in Cap's uniform and bearing his shield). Unaware of his true identity, Kate lambasted him for usurping the name and costume of Captain America and acting as a puppet of the United States government. In the process, she explained that she had chosen the name of Hawkeye not to replace the original, but to honor him, and would act accordingly as he might have. Stunned by this revelation, Barton let the two Young Avengers go, even referring to Kate as Hawkeye before abandoning Iron Man to join Luke Cage's New Avengers.

Kate would continue to have many adventures with the team, including helping Patriot locate Bucky once more (as well as take down an AIM base in the process), and helping her close friend Stature after she accidentally injured her father in a fight with the Growing Man. As time passed, she and Eli would continue to grow fond of one another, and they eventually went out on a date in Central Park. Unfortunately, the date turned out to be a disaster, as Kate, still uncertain of her feelings, rebuffed Eli's suggestion that they form an official relationship. Meanwhile, the impromptu ambush and sparring session initiated by Ronin (actually Clint Barton in disguise), didn't help matters. Accepting Ronin's offer to meet at the headquarters of the New Avengers, Kate was shocked to discover that he was Barton, back from the dead, and that he had called her there to test her worthiness of bearing the Hawkeye mantle. Losing out both the name and the bow in an archery contest with Barton, Kate eventually took up Speed's offer of a date and a mission to steal the bow back from the Avengers. While she did manage to retrieve the bow, her theft did not go unnoticed by Barton, who saw this as a sign that Kate was willing to stand up for what she believed in, and would not back down in the face of a challenge. Officially giving his blessing to her using the Hawkeye name and bow, as well as promising to let her run the Young Avengers as she saw fit, Barton followed it up with a present: an old picture of the Avengers back from the "Kooky Quartet" days. Now validated as Hawkeye, Kate ended up choosing Patriot over Speed, asking her teammate to be patient with her and give her some time.

Secret Invasion

During the Skrull invasion, Hawkeye and the Young Avengers were the first superheroes on the scene, and despite their best efforts, along with those of the Camp Hammond Initiative recruits, they were eventually defeated by the superior number and firepower of the Skrulls. Fortunately for her, both teams were rescued by Nick Fury and his Secret Warriors, and Kate joined the assembled heroes in his secret underground base. During the Battle of Central Park, in which the combined superhumans of Earth fought the main Skrull army, Kate took part, but was badly wounded by one of the Super-Skrulls and had to be taken to the nearest hospital. Kate however survived and made a full recovery, taking part in the clean-up operations after the battle had been won.

During the "Chaos Cascade" crisis, Kate Bishop was turned to stone along with Hulkling, Patriot, Wiccan, and Speed, part of the random magical effects generated by the spellwork of the Darkhold.

Dark Reign

Versus Executioner

When Norman Osborn takes over national security following the defeat of the Skrull army, Hawkeye is present when the team face a rival group of the same name inspired by the action of Norman Osborn's Dark Avengers. The initial meeting between the two teams erupts into violence, and Kate finds herself facing down the heavily-armed Executioner, holding her own against him,

and when Melter's team tries out for positions in the real Young Avengers, the two work together to face a horde of robots released by HAMMER. Unfortunately, Kate's problems with the "Young Masters" are only just beginning, as the Executioner uses his new found revelation of Kate's secret identity to blackmail his way onto the Young Avengers. While she rejects Wiccan's suggestion to have his memory altered, Hawkeye remained very concerned about the situation, feeling that the presence of the Young Masters will only serve to corrupt them and ruin their good intentions.

In order to cast doubt on the Executioners' knowledge of her secret identity, Kate and the rest of the Young Avengers staged a mock supervillain battle at a gala event she would be publicly attending in her civilian persona, with the Executioner (in his civilian persona), as her date. During the evening, in front of the entire media, the Young Avengers stormed in chasing a supervillain (in reality, Wiccan under an illusion spell), including "Hawkeye" (in reality, the Vision disguising himself with a hologram), stopping to compliment Kate's choice of gown on the way. The next day, when confronted by the ashamed and angry Executioner, Kate mocked him by telling him his mother was a supervillain, something he didn't even know himself. This, as well as many other issues the Young Masters faced, who result in them turning to Norman Osborn and his Dark Avengers for help, luring the Young Avengers into a trap when they next met in the Invisible Mansion. During the battle that followed, Hawkeye confronted her villainous counterpart in the Dark Avengers, Bullseye, even holding her own against both him and the Executioner simultaneously before Bullseye is shot by the Executioner for mentioning his mother. With the disappearance of the Young Masters, the threat to Kate's secret identity seems to have lessened for now, and Hawkeye continues to have adventures with the team.

Siege and the Heroic Age

Kate and Patriot agains Dark Avengers

As Norman Osborn's forces begin their siege of Asgard, Captain America rallies the New Avengers, Young Avengers and Secret Warriors to launch a counterattack against the tyrant. Kate is among the many who answer his call, and joins the united Avengers forces as they come to the aid of Thor and the Asgardians. When the Sentry, his personality now consumed by that of the Void, levels Asgard with a single blow, Kate is knocked unconscious, and finds herself trapped in the rubble along with Patriot. With their small pocket of safety beginning to collapse, the two argue over how to escape; Kate's suggestions of using brute force or explosives clashing with Patriot's cautious attitude.Eventually, their combined efforts allow them to escape their tomb, but not before Patriot kisses her in a fit of passion. Now safe and reunited with the rest of the team, the Young Avengers move to continue the fight against Osborn's forces and the Void.

Children's Crusade

Young Avengers in battle

During a fight with some terrorists, Wiccan somehow manages to put every enemy combatant into a coma without fully understanding how he did so. Shocked at this revelation of such tremendous power, the Avengers Steve Rogers, Ms. Marvel and Iron Man are keen to test his powers and request that he remain in custody until they can be sure of his capabilities. Not pleased with this arrangement, the remaining Young Avengers, including Kate, spring him from his holding cell and decide to track down the key behind the mystery that's been plaguing them all: the Scarlet Witch. After being transported along with Magneto to Transia by Wiccan, Kate and Patriot argue over the danger of the team's allegiance to Magneto. After discovering that Scarlet Witch is with Dr Doom in Latveria, Wiccan teleports himself to Dr Doom's castle against the wishes of the team, who pursue him there. When the Young Avengers arrive in Latveria, Kate is keen to limit the mission to simple search and rescue and suggests the need for a distraction. At that moment Wonder Man and also the Avengers show up, both in pursuit of Scarlet Witch (the Avengers looking for Wiccan too). Just as the team are about to embark on their rescue plan they are confronted by the Avengers and immediately get embroiled in a pitched battle with Dr Doom and some of his robots. Wolverine directly attacks Wanda, trying to kill her but is stopped by Wiccan and the surprising arrival of Iron Lad on the scene. Later, whilst fighting Doom, the Young Avengers suffer a double tragedy; both Cassie and Jonas perish in the final battle. As a result of this, Kate leaves the group and the Young Avengers disband. The team is invited to the Avenger's Mansion some months later, and Kate along with the other surviving members of the Young Avengers are officially announced as honorary Avengers.


Kate's new outfit

Kate has temporarily joined up with the previous Hawkeye, Clint Barton in his solo series. She rescues Clint on at least two occassions, first during a battle with the Circus of Crime, and then again after he is nearly killed by local gangsters.

After a video of Clint performing an assassination surfaces in Madripoor, Kate successfully keeps it out of the hands of villains by posing as Madame Masque. The real Masque is left taped up and gagged while Kate dons her costume. Kate is later captured and is about to be tortured by Masque, but is rescued by Clint.

After becoming frustrated with Clint, who has difficulties with keeping Kate informed and trusting her, Kate decides to relocate to Los Angeles, where she creates and runs her own one-woman detective agency. Clint's dog Lucky follows her there.

Alternate Versions

Children's Crusade


A future incarnation of Kate was encountered by Iron Lad during a run-in with his future self, Kang the Conqueror. This version of Kate had ended up marrying Speed and had just discovered she was pregnant with twins. Her delicate condition did not, however, stop her from aiding her friends in annihilating The Brotherhood of The Badoon of an alternate future.

Like the rest of her teammates, she is on the run from the Avengers of her reality, who will not stop searching the timestream until they have all been killed. How she and Tom have planned to raise their family on the run in the midst of a Metaverse-wide war was never revealed.

Ultimate Marvel (Earth-1610)

Ultimate Kate

In the Ultimate universe, Kate is 13-years old and a classmate of Miles Morales and Ganke Lee. It has been hinted that she harbors a crush on Miles.

In the story arc "Spider-Man No More!", Kate Bishop is revealed to be dating Miles after the one year time skip.

Powers and Abilities

Kate Bishop

As a baseline human, Kate Bishop possesses no superhuman abilities. However, a continuing program of highly intensive training has granted her a high level of skill in archery, sword fighting (both with heavier broadswords and lighter fencing blades) and unarmed combat. Kate also possesses a significant stock of fighting equipment, including Clint Barton's bow, Mockingbird's battle-staves, the blade of the original Swordsman, and a wide variety of trick arrows, including ones mounted with EMP or tranquilizer arrowheads.

Other Media


Marvel Avengers Alliance

Marvel AA

Kate is a recruitable character in the game. He can be recruit via buying it with command points.

Her bio says:

Kate Bishop, the daughter of a wealthy publishing mogul, dedicated her time to local charities, soup kitchens, and women's shelters. After being attacked in Central Park, Kate sought therapy and began training in self-defense, vowing to never again be a victim. She attended the Hawthorne Academy and the Interlochen Arts Camp, where she learned archery (and how to shred the cello).

While attending her older sister's wedding, armed thugs held the guests hostage and demanded that everyone turn over their valuables. A new group of young heroes, called "The Yound Avengers", attempted to put a stop to the villainous act, but when things didn't go according to plan, and the situation worsened. A quick thinking Kate provided an opening and rescues the would be heroes, earning her a spot on the team.

Over time, Kate would show that she was more than good in the heat of combat, excelling at feats of self-defence and archery, eventually drawing the attention of the Avengers. Kate was given Hawkeye's original bow and arrows as well as a claim to his code-name. There have been two Hawkeyes ever since.

Speaking of: If you haven't read Matt Fraction's Hawkeye run where Hawkeye and Hawkeye fight crime, you should read it. No seriously. Go read it now. It's that good!Go read it now. It's that good!

Marvel Heroes

Marvel Heroes

Kate is a playable character in the game as variant costume for Hawkeye (Clint Barton)

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