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The Katarn Class Commando armor was issued to the Republic Commandos during the Clone Wars. Commandos were trained to operate in teams of 4 in the hardest areas during the war and this armor was designed to keep them alive. The armor was designed a lot better than the Phase-I Clone Trooper Armor since it never needed to be completely redesigned. Kataran armor lasted until after the formation of the Galactic Empire where it was replaced by chalk white Imperium Armor which was actually a downgrade from the armor. Katarn armor was named for a savage hunting animal from the wookiee world of Kashyyk 

Armor Components:  
Helmet- The Helmet was featured with an internal HUB that displayed combat data to the wearer through the suits internal computer. This provided real time information throughout each mission the Commandos undertook. Internal sensors were linked throughout the squad allowing them to keep track of each others locations and general health. The HUB was able to recognize different weapons and would change the targeting reticule based on the range and general spread of the weapon. The mask contained oxygen in-case the Commando had to fight in space or underwater. The lenses were equipped with night vision as well as an electo binocular and the in-mask filtration system filtered toxins from the environment. Visors are also equipped with automatic heat based cleaners to clean away water or more likely blood and oil from there enemies. 
Chest- The chest armor was rated against most types of anti-infantry rounds whether they were blaster fire or slug rounds. The armor was duroplast plating and could be sealed against the vacuum of space with 20 minutes of air. The suit with no extra attachments weighed 20 kilos.
Gauntlet- The right gauntlet of the armor contained a retractable vibroblade for melee and stealth kills. The blade was only a few inches long unlike the Clone Assassins blade which was a full sword, but still functioned quite well for silent take downs.
Bodysuit- The black bodysuit visible in-between the armor allowed for easier movement and made it so the armor didn't chaff the Commandos skin. The suit was woven with strong fibers still capable of adequate defense against small arms fire.
Backpack- The backpack was the piece of equipment most customizable to Commandos. Backpacks could contain extra weapons, oxygen for space/underwater combat, bacta for medical purposes, or extra communication gear for subspace transmissions.  Backpacks also served as the Commandos ID since it was shown on the back of the backpack.
Bacta Dispenser - The armor had automatic bacta dispensers to help heal injured Commandos in the field. While most wounds would still require medical attention the dispensers served to keep Commandos alive while other team mates revived them or extracted them. 
Deflector Shields- Almost unheard of in large scale armies, personal shields served to absorb incoming blaster fire protecting Commandos before the armor had to start absorbing the blows.

Armor Variants:

Mark I Katarn Armor- Standard armor used at the start of the Clone Wars. Had all the above functions 
Mark II Katarn Armor - Added defense against Verpine shatter weapons and EMP devices on recommendations from Omega Squad. 
Mark III Katarn Armor - Added defense allowed armor to rated against laser cannon fire. Additional sub types like the Night Opts armor emerge. Added defense could withstand point black fragmentation grenades. This upgrade featured added oxygen for longer missions underwater or in space. 
Imperium Commando Armor- Armor issued asfter the close of the Clone Wars. Exact copt of the Mark III armor, but made chalk white with no camoflauge. Issued to all surviving Clone Commandos amd ARC Troopers.

Imperial Katarn Armor - Cheap knockoff used by the Galactic Empire after the clone wars. Was actually a refurbished Phase-II Clone Trooper Armor given the Katarn name to inspire fear.

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