Who are fans of Katana and why do you like her?

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I don't wanna be the first one to share but since I'm the one creating the thread, I feel like obliged to.

So the first time I saw Katana was in Batman: The Brave and the Bold cartoon series. The first time I saw her, I already felt her strong personality. Her appearance looks interesting already.

So i really tried googling who she is until i got her name. She's a cool character.

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as an Outsiders fan, i appreciate her but am not all that interested in her personally.

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First time I seen her is when they re-released the old Batman and the Outsiders comics that my grandpa drew. She's okay, definitely like her NEW 52 outfit.

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@Bogey: Jim Aparo is your Grand Pappy? That's pretty awesome :)

Anyway, that was my first sighting of Katana (the original not the reprint) and although she's not on the top of my list of favorite characters she is close because I like the more "down to earth" heroes more often than not. I liked the rest of the Outsiders to.

Unfortunately I have yet to see her in the show but her New 52 is alright so far in BoP.

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She's one of my favorite characters!

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i am and much like lady shiva she is underrated and under used. Still i like they are using her more in the new 52.

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Sadly I had my impression and interest in her rather ruined by how the last edition of the Outsiders ended, where she rather blindly followed the increasingly deranged Geo-Force simply because he was king. I can appreciate stalwart loyalty a long way, but that was just past the marker.

As for the New 52 version...well she rather seems to have traded the modern samurai in for a tech ninja, and we have quite a lot of those already, wearing bats on their chests.

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She is a cool street level hero. And she has unique style and she is strong fighter.

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i think she is pretty cool because of her swords and how they steal souls and how great she is at combat

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