OMG the art is awesome.

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Guys, check out the interviews together with the art

Next month, a DC Comics heroine will step into the spotlight in her own all-new ongoing solo series. Spinning out of the pages of JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA and BIRDS OF PREY, KATANAcomes to you from the creative team of Ann Nocenti and artist Alex Sanchez. But who is this elusive former assassin and why does she believe that the soul of her deceased husband is trapped in her sword?

“Katana is a trained, disciplined martial artist. She removes herself from Birds of Prey to go on a personal journey in Japantown, San Francisco, and pursue a quest for vengeance against the Sword Clan, the men that killed her husband,” Nocenti explained to MTV GEEK. “In KATANA #1, she fights COIL, who has a spiral sword, a whip of a sword, and she realizes she's not just up against him, but legions. She is allowing herself to let loose, to unravel a bit, to fight this battle. But when the JLA calls -- she's all business. She's a soldier in an army for them. Back to the restrained, disciplined fighter. She brings that to the team -- a reliable, fearless martial arts master. But as things change in her solo book, that might change in JLA also.”

“The first issue you see that she’s got new villains – really nasty new villains,” she continued to IGN. “She pretty much hooks up with a new supporting cast in Japantown right off the bat. We set the scene and then everything starts to change with issues #2 and 3. She’s also going to be very connected to the DC Universe. She’s got guest stars in issues #2 and 3 who are surprising. I want her to be connected to the DCU, even in her solo missions.”

To read more from Ann Nocenti about the launch of KATANA, see the full interviews that ran this morning with the writer on MTV GEEK, IGN, AOL’s COMICS ALLIANCE and COMICOSITY, and Katana’s character profile on NEWSARAMA. And don’t forget to visit all five of these outlets for your first looks at Alex Sanchez’ interior art for KATANA #1.

I think it looks beautiful, what do you guys think?

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I like it!

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That's utterly gorgeous.

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Here is a link to his other work.

I love the way his art look like a mix between Cafu and JH Williams.

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Wow, that art is beautiful....

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I like the art, its...smooth, I guess. Easy on the eyes.

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Doesn't make me any more interested in the book. Especially with Nocenti writing it...

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I like how her name is Katana and she's holding a chinese broadsword.

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I almost don't want to see it colored. It would be cool though if the did a watercolor effect Like they do on Alex Maleev's work in Scarlet.

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Looks great. Only downside is that you're probably not going to see it at a monthly basis for long.

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Don't F up, Noccenti

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@KnightRise: She seems to be quite interested in Japanese films, so maybe her enthusiasm will show in her writing.

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Now if only they could of gotten Ed Brubaker to write this book.........

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I came

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meh. i was only going to pickup her book because it meant the return of the Outsiders but apparently in the New 52 they are a group of assasins so uh....hell to the no. this art doesnt do anything to change my mind

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@Joygirl said:

I like how her name is Katana and she's holding a chinese broadsword.

And yet she's still Japanese...

Continuity, who needs it?

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The art is great but it needs a better writer. It's seems that DC's artists are often let down by the writing staff.

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