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Karmilla was once contacted by Satrina, who wanted her to attack Purgatori. She gave her a potent weapon against vampires, by making her blood poisonous to them. Karmilla teleported to Purgatori's house and attacked her, but she was no ordinary vampire, and won the battle easily. Karmilla then was chained to a torture machine. She waited until Purgatori got the taste of her blood; seeing it didn't kill her, she teleported out of there. But Purgatori detoured her teleportation and hitchhiked the jump. They ended up in snowy tundra, and Purgatori left Karmilla to freeze to death. Satrina then returned and renewed her poisonous blood; she also gave her ancient weapons to kill Purgatori. Karmilla is then sent into the Invisible City of Ancients; there she saw Purgatori and Rath. Purgatori sensed her presence and lied that Rath has taken her children. Karmilla full of anger shot Rath, the arrow was enchanted and corrupted the wound. She then draws the sword known as Spine of Eden, but Purgatori grabs it for herself. That was the plan, the Spine of Eden was supposed to crush Purgatori the more she struggled and eventually kill her. But to Karmilla's surprise, Purgatori reformed herself from the pool of blood and kills her.

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