Karma's Sexuality, Power, Old & New Foes questions

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Recently, I began to revise the life of Karma, its evolution as character in the X-universe, and its physical evolution (normal, fat, normal, shaved hair and pink, robotics leg) and its emotional / sexual evolution (heterosexual, lesbian)

Several questions it are then put, and I would like to have your opinion.

To start with, I would like to clarify that I have absolutely nothing against the fact that Xi'an is lesbian, on the contrary I like even rather the idea than there is been a gay character in the original team of the New Mutants in the 80's (even if in the period, it wasn't suggested at all)

I have moreover even memory, Karma confessed that she had held a crush for John Wayne during her formative years (New Mutants 37) and to have seen her flirting with Doug (New Mutants 81). But it is necessary to admit that for a mutant having the power of possession, she is the 1st victim (Brood Queen, Shadow King, Legion).

It is nevertheless confirmed that she is a powerful and considerable mutant. But I really have no memory to have made the report. Contrary has her twin brother Tran who seemed more in control of the exact same power.

Why Xi'an would not have during all these last years developed more power? Could it be that during all these years, the mystery of Karma would be buried inside herself ?

Without will that my theory is seen as a fantasy, but it would explain certain things, as you think of the idea that his brother Tran is always there, living inside Xi'an and sometimes in possession of her mind and body, being able to explain a bipolarity, a bisexuality of the character, and so result has difficulty for control better her power ?

I know well that people evolve, but I have so many personality's facet of Xi'an which overlap as being a young woman raped physically and mentally, heterosexual / lesbian, shy person, quiet and reserved for the look a little old-girl, being others as a heterosexual / lesbian young woman, in the tank girl look / full of joy of living, other times in sexy lipstick lesbian in the behavior of woman-eater. I believe to remember seeing Karma surrounded with women's harem slaves, when she was possessed by Shadow King. Indeed on, we deduct that from it it is the influence of Amahl Farouk that then explains us this tendency for the feminine gente and her obesity as the glutinous desires for food and drink of Xi'an. While her brother Tran was known to live in the lust and Who now, maybe was he heterosexual / gay / maneater ?

She could be possessed as well by Tran, and liberer under his influence her real attractions, she formerly so shy.

I like this idea, because her worst enemy can be her own twin brother and I would like that the idea is approached.

Sometimes I also wonder how would have been the New Mutants with Tran on the place of Xi'an as Karma on the team (the name also works and this would have rebalanced the male gente in the roster), sometimes if together had joined the New Mutants (1st twin to the X-Men!!), or Tran going to the Massachusetts Academy in the Hellions.

Of all the facets of Karma, which one do you prefer?

- Shy person, hairstyle and wise behavior

- Sexy feminine lesbian (Lipstick) and attitude of womaneater, with long hair and headband (or without)

- Tank Girl look, crane shaved and pink, lesbian

- Fat

- Age of of x's version, shorts hair with leg robotic

- Normal lesbian woman, with hair grow and hairband (or not), robotic legg

I wait for your opinion, thank you in advance.

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