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Karima was a young mutant discovered and trained by Achmed El-Gibar, the master thief of Cairo. She was one of the last students trained by Achmed before his death. The girl had the power to give form and function to the fears and desires sensed from the minds of others. She created a psychic construct named "Jamil" to act as her companion. When Candra sensed special powers in of Ached's urchins, Achmed instructed Karima to use Jamil as a decoy. Then he summoned Storm for help. Indeed Candra abducted Jamil and left Karima and the other young thieves behind. With Achmed dying from old age, Storm chose Karima as the new leader of the group.

Karima was later abducted by Candra to use as a hostage against storm. She used images from the minds of Candra and Storm to present Jamil as supremely powerful. Storm managed to find out what was actually going on and convinced the girl to end the charade. Candra was killed by Cyclops. Storm promsed to retturn Karima to Cairo.

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