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Kari Limbo was an psychic entertainer at a circus when she met Guy Gardener before he became a Green lantern.  The two of them fell deeply in love.  It was in the midst of their romance that Hal Jordon decided to leave Earth and asked Guy to take his place while he was gone.  Hal did not know this but his power battery was sabotaged and blew up when Guy tried to charge his ring for the first time.  Kari and Hal thought Guy was killed in the explosion but he was sent to the Phantom Zone.
It was while Guy was in the Phantom Zone that Hal and Kari started to fall in love.  Their relationship started as Hal comforted Kari after Guy's supposed death.  She blamed Hal at first but soon succumbed to his advances.  After a while Kari and Hal decide to marry.  This did not happen because Guy could see the whole thing happen in the Phantom Zone.  He watched in anguish as Hal and Kari fell in love.  It was just before the wedding that Guy reached out to Kari telepathically.  Once Kari realized that Guy was alive she called off the wedding to Hal.  Hal went back to rescue Guy and in the process Guy ended up in a coma.  With Guy alive Kari could not marry Hal.  Unfortunately for her when guy came out of his coma he felt too hurt and betrayed to have any relationship with her.  both Hal and Guy moved on and Kari was left alone.


During Zero Hour, it was revealed that Kari Limbo died with the other residents of Coast City when it was destroyed by Mongul and Cyborg Superman. During Underworld Unleashed, Neron tried to temp Guy Gardner with bringing Kari back from the dead, alongside Kilowog, Ice, and Gardner's family. Gardner did not succumb to Neron's temptation.

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