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Jessy Schram as Karen Nadler

Karen Nadler was created as character for the TV series "Falling Skies". She first appeared in the first episode of the first season and was played by the actress Jessy Schram.

She was introduced as a scout for the 2nd Mass and the girlfriend of Hal Mason. In the third episode of season one, Karen was captured by the Skitters and it was later revealed that she's know harnessed.

Pre-Retreat from Boston

Before the invasion of the Earth, Karen was a student at the Winthrop High School. At the day of the attack, Karen ditched the school to climb a tower and see the spaceship. Her whole family died during the attack and she joined the 2nd Mass.

Falling Skies (Season One)

At some point before the first episode, Karen began dating Hal Mason. They often used to be scouting together but she was captured during a mission. Later she was seen again but was now harnessed and was used by the Overloards to communicate with humans.

In the finale of season one, Karen arrived with an spaceship and one of the Overloards to take Tom Mason with them.

Falling Skies (Season Two)

Karen is still harnessed and used by the Overloards to talk to Tom. After the Overloards released Tom and some other prisoners, Karen styed by the aliens.

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