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Karbon is a member of Tektos- a group of super beings created by genetic engineer, Oonagh Mullarkey by combing human DNA with alien DNA. This group was to be the next generation of genetic mutation and they consisted of Fugue, Bubble, Karbon, Tattoo, Fractal and Shrapnel. Tektos would come into conflict with the team of Genetix when they infiltrated the Gena-Sys Laboratory to seek out the truth about their past lives. The techno-path Vesper digitized her essence to enter the computer mainframe and discovered the Genetix and Tektos files inside cyberspace. Vesper reappeared with her teammates and that's when they were struck with a mind blast from Fractal. Genetix would recover and the two teams battled. Base would trap Tektos in a stone cage but Karbon breaks them free with his superhuman strength. Karbon retaliates and hits Base with an electric fire blast. Tektos appeared to gain the upper hand until Shift was able to teleport Genetix back home. Mullarkey appeared and gave Tektos another assignment. Tektos knew that Genetix would look after them so Mullarkey planned a trap. Tektos would infiltrate the base of the Gene Dogs and begin to wreck havoc. Tektos teleported away once Genetix arrived and they would come into conflict with the Gene Dogs. However the plan failed when the two teams realized they were on the same side.

Genetix would later learn that the Psight Corporation had a hidden agenda called the Harvest Project where they were finding young mutants and altering their DNA to create a super-being program for their own needs. Genetix would assault the Psight Corporation and come into conflict with Tektos one last time. Karbon is heavily damaged by Vesper and Stinger while Shrapnel is knocked into a large vat of acid, causing him to explode. Fractal is placed into one of Shift's portal and transported away in some dimension while Bubble escapes with Karbon and Fugue inside one of her energy bubbles. Tattoo battles his brother, Base outside and eventually gets buried underneath several tons of earth and snow. Tektos is defeated and Genetix manages to stop the Harvest Project. The current whereabouts of Karbon and the rest of Tektos are unknown.


Karbon was created by Graham Marks, Andy Lanning and Phil Gascoine in 1993 and first appeared in Genetix # 2.

Powers & Abilities

Karbon is a being encased inside an armored suit with various offensive attacks. Karbon could unleash electro blasts and electric fire from his hands for range attacks. Karbon also has an electro-whip to snare and strike his enemies. Karbon has superhuman strength and durability.

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