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Kanoe is Hinoto’s younger sister. She was very close of her sister until the day Hinoto decided to become a Yumemi. She lost four of her five senses to receive in return the gift to see future in dreams. She kept only her sight. Her sister Kanoe was upset to see her sacrifice and decided to leave her. She took also a weaker third eye in order to counter her sister. Kanoe can only enter in other’s dream.

When Kanoe spied Hinoto’s dream and learnt about the “Jour de la Promesse” and her decision to gather the [[seven seals:char43407]] together, Kanoe decided to gather the Seven Angels together. She found the first angel in her job place: the City Hall of Tokyo. It was Yuto Kigai who became quickly her lover. When she learnt that a genius of computer science worked for freemasonry, Kanoe sent her an invitation to join her. Satsuki Yatoji accepted. She permitted Satsuki to create Beast. She accepted to join them because she wanted fun.



Hinoto learns that the “jour de la promesse” will come soon when she spies a conversation between Kamui Shiro and Hinoto and also after a call from Yuto who apologizes to be late and explains he fought one of the Dragons of Heaven. He tells also the fight finished by a draw due to the penetration into a perfect kekkai by a student. Kanoe understands one of her sister’s visions about the end of the world. Happy, she goes to talk to Satsuki Yatoji. She confirms that is the real Kamui. Kanoe must let Satsuki because she has her job of secretary to do above there. Indeed they are under the City Hall of Tokyo.

Kanoe continues to spy her sister and discovers that the Sacred Sword has been stolen. Kanoe wakes up. Yuto is here and asks her if there is a problem. Kanoe reveals him that the sacred sword has been stolen. Yuto thinks it was Sorata Arisugawa the responsible. Satsuki arrives and contradict him. Indeed she discovered that Sorata is a monk from Koya mount, so he is one of the seven seals. Kanoe asks Satsuki to find the sacred sword. With the help of Beast and her natural capacity to communicate with computers, she finds that the robber is a young man with a mark composed of petals on his forehead. This last information astonishes greatly Kanoe. She knows that symbol belongs to Tojyo Pharmaceutical.



Kanoe still wants to stop her sister, she fells she could use Frank Chiaramonte’s brother when she sees Hinoto’s vision about Kotori’s death. Fuma Mono dreams and meets Kanoe inside. She requires him to help the Earth. She shows him his happy childhood, the death of his mother with a Kamui leeching Saya Mono’s head, his father’s death and finally Kamui killing Kotori. Kanoe explains that the death of his sister is a possible future if he doesn’t kill Kamui.

Seeing she didn’t succeed with Fuma, she decides to convince Kamui to join her. She intervenes in a conversation between Hinoto and Kamui. Whereas Hinoto reveals that Kamui means “the one who takes the place of gods’ authority”, Kanoe explains that Kamui could means also “the one who chase gods’ authority”. She reveals also that Kamui has the choice to become a dragon of Heaven or a Dragons of Earth. Kamui has two destinies. Kanoe tries to show him the other future; but Hinoto uses her powers to chase her from her vision. When Satsuki and Yuto see Kanoe’s state, they are worried about her. She reassures them telling them that she teased her sister a little too much. She reveals also that the man who countered Beast may be a dragon of Earth. She requires Satsuki to find information about him.

Doubt and Certitude


An earthquake destroys a new kekkai. Every dragons and allies feel it. Hinoto and Kanoe discuss in Hinoto’s dream. Kanoe says that is the sakurazukamori who destroyed the Nakano Sunplaza. She explains there are two Kamui. At this moment, the vision of Kakyo comes through Hinoto’s dream. They think it is due to a yumemi, a dragon. Kanoe shows Hinoto Kotori’s vision she had where she dies for the Earth. Kanoe and Hinoto continue their conversation. Kanoe confirms that if Kamui has two destinies, there is only one future: the death of Kotori. When Hinoto has a vision where a Kamui with angel wings kills a Kamui with devil wings, Kanoe understands there are two Kamui.

Indeed her thought comes true when Kamui decides to become a seal. Fuma becomes automatically the Kamui of the seven angels. Fuma kills emotionless his own sister. Hinoto is afflicted whereas Kanoe is surprised by the cold heart of Fuma. Kanoe has another conversation with her sister. She scoffs at Hinoto saying that the second Kamui is awake and there is only one future. Beast detects the arrival of Fuma and Kakyo Kuzuki. Beast confirms it is Kamui. Kanoe welcomes Fuma as Kamui.

The last angels join them with the sacred sword.

Kanoe, Yuto and Satsuki are wondering about Fuma. Indeed he has a cold heart, but he takes care of Nataku. Kanoe is completely disoriented by Fuma’s behaviour. She has a bad feeling about him. Nevertheless she is also worried about the angels’ behaviours. She thinks they are selfish and lazy.



Time elapsed and several kekkai are already destroyed. Kanoe tries to enter into her sister’s dream; but she cannot do anymore. She is confused; because the only thing she wants is to prove Hinoto is wrong. Then she could lose her duty to be a yumemi. But Kanoe thinks it is not a problem because one of the seven angels is a yumemi too. The fact Kanoe cannot see her sister’s dream is because the dark side of Hinoto took her place. Dark Hinoto is happy to see her yumemi coming true. The real Hinoto tries to stop her; but dark Hinoto is too strong. The real Hinoto calls her sister for help. Kanoe hears it, but thinks it is an illusion. For her, it is her wish to help her sister to stop to be a yumemi which creates this illusion. Yuto asks Kanoe if her worries about Hinoto are because she loves her sister. Kanoe confirms.



Hinoto tries once again to call help from her sister. This time, Kanoe hears it and goes to Hinoto’s dream. But the dark Hinoto feels it and goes inside this dream. She reveals she is existed to Kanoe. So she must eliminate her. She uses her powers to kill Kanoe.

Powers and Abilities


Third Eye

With her third eye, Kanoe can only enter in people’s dreams.

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