Kano Fatality Ideas

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X-Ray Move- Kano grabs the opponent to bring them in close, then stab them in the thigh with one of his knives, then as they are on one knee, headbutts them, and Kano finishes the move with a nasty punch to the face.


Ear to Ear- Takes one of his knives while walking up to his opponent, as they are dazed he slices at their leg causing them to fall to their knees. With Kano behind the person, he holds their head back and slits their throat from, "Ear to Ear" and as blood spews from their throat, he holds their head and kicking them from the back ripping their head off and hoisting it up in the air.

Burning Headache- Jams a knife into the opponents neck, then repeatedly headbutts them with his metal plate til they are on their knees and holds their head back blows off half their face with his laser eyes.

Heart Rip/Heart Breaker- Keep the Same

In Your Face- using his Cybernetic Laser eye Kano begins to heat up one of his knives. Stabs the opponent from their jaw to the head, then rips their heart out, and finally pulling the knife out from their face, splitting it in 2.


Dead Pool (Acid)- Simply pushes the opponent into the acid pool and walks away laughing manically as the body rises as bones.

Living Forrest- Holds the opponent up by the tree, and as the trees mouth opens Kano leans the opponent into its mouth and proceeds to feed the victim to the tree.

Hell- Kano grabs his opponent forces their face into the lava. As their lifeless body lays there, Kano kicks the rest of the body into the lava.

The Pits- Kano tosses the opponent over the ledge (like he did Johnny Cage in Story Mode) and the opponent hangs on to the ledge. Kano then walks over to the hanging opponent and stomps on their hand causing them to fall to their death.

The Street- Kano slams the opponent to the ground as usual, but kicks them in the face and as they get up, Kano crouches down towards them and as the opponent looks at Kano, he points at a car approaching. As it hits the opponent blood splatters on Kano as he smirks.

The Subway- Slams the opponents face into a passing train as normal. After the passing trains goes by Kano tosses them over to the other ledge and lies them on their back and stomps on their chest holding them in place until another train comes by and takes their head off.

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