Kangs (When should i crush you)

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If you were Kang the conqueror where in the time-stream (any divergence of 616 include) would you decide to takeover & why

#2 Posted by Decoy Elite (30160 posts) - - Show Bio

I would actually do what 616 Kang did and attack a bunch of random points in time and lose(although on purpose in my case) then take over a nice spot in the future where I know I have the tech advantage for a good long while. Anyone tries to kill my past self or erase me from the timeline will be politely informed that I have entrenched myself into the timeline to the point that my elimination would would most likely outright destroy it.

#3 Posted by Alpha_Omega (32 posts) - - Show Bio

I would go to when the fantastic four formed:so that i can secretly manipulate events into my own image of 616.

Who wants to rule the world when i can play with my toys :)

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