Counterfactual History with Kang

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Just reread FF #271-273 the other night, where we learn that Kang is from an alternate Earth that didn't go through the Dark Ages. I thought it might be fun to speculate on how history was different there, that led to it progressing in a different manner than the 616 universe. (I'm going on the assumption that the two histories were identical up until a certain point/points, and so should share many similar characters and such).
The first idea that comes to mind that might have differed: What if Alaric's seige of Rome hadn't succeeded? Perhaps Stilicho was never executed (or managed to outmaneuver his political opponents) and either Stilicho and Alaric were thereafter able to form a powerful military alliance, resulting in Rome never falling, and perhaps forestalling one of the major causes of the so-called "Dark Ages."
Any other ideas on how things might have changed? Perhaps involving some Marvel Universe characters that might have been around at the time? (Ulysses Bloodstone, Selene, any of the Norse/Olympian Gods, etc.)

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