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A brief description of Kandrakar from the comic books is that it was created in the early days of the universe to serve as a home to those who's task it was to protect creation. When the universe is threatened, the ruler of Kandrakar, a benevolent spirit named the Oracle summons the Guardians, whose mission it is to protect all worlds including their own.

It is revealed in a special edition book that the Chinese nymph Xin Jing of the Elements, Oneide, nymph of Life, Téa, nymph of the Sun, Ebla, nymph of the Moon and N'ghala, nymph of the Stars created Kandrakar. The only methods to reach it is if the Oracle summons one or the Keeper of the Heart chooses to use the Heart to transport someone there, though it seems that the Oracle must first give his permission, or even the Heart cannot bring anyone there.

Even without the aid of the Heart, the Guardians are able to send someone there, as shown when Will and the other Guardians transported Luba there without tapping into the Heart's power and when Cornelia brought Galgheita there while she herself stayed on Earth. Hay Lin also stated once that her grandmother Yan Lin told her the only way to get to Kandrakar is to cross an air-colored bridge, though none of the characters in the comic or the TV Show so far has ever used this particular method.

Kandrakar is a threshold to all other universes, and if evil was to cross its magical defenses, chaos would be unleashed throughout the entire universe and evil would roam free unchecked.

At the centre of Kandrakar is the Temple of the Congregation where the Oracle and the members of the Council of Kandrakar reside. The Temple also serves as a fortress. At the heart of the Temple is the mile-high shaft where the Oracle resides at the centre of a vast lily pond in which he can observe the entirety of creation.

It would appear that every world or realm has a Heart, the representation of its mystical power. It would also appear that all Hearts are equal, which is odd, seeing as how Kandrakar is the center of all worlds and it would only make sense that the Heart of Kandrkar be the most powerful, but it can be matched by any other Heart. And it would seem that although is often stated that Kandrakar is the source of all good, that it is not all-powerful or possibly not the final tier of good power, as it can be attacked and the Council of Kandrakar be manipulated by Nerissa.

Despite the above, the realm of Kandrakar is indeed a formiddable place, with its only break in defense being shown by Nerissa with a Heart of magic in her possession. And the Council of Kandrakar is also not to be taken lightly, wit a host of many powers and headed by the Oracle, who has vast abilities, the very least of which is seeing the future and destroying a forced attack with a wwave of his hand.

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