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Kamo is an ancient Hawaiian deity, or just thinks he is. Originally from a remote Hawaiian island and revered as a god by the surrounding population, women were brought to his island and left as sacrifices and gestures of good will. After finding out about Superman, Amanda Waller and her team were seeking a controllable "superman" to do their own bidding and Kamo was captured for this purpose. Before Waller and her team left the island with Kamo and his spawn that would become King Shark, they bombed the island and destroyed it. Once Amanda Waller brought Kamo back to Belle Reve they found him uncontrollable and to powerful to use for their purposes so he was locked away. Four years passed with Kamo confined to a cell before Amanda Waller released him while being chased down by an angry King Shark. Kamo and King Shark join forces to stop OMAC who has gone AWOL because of the Thinker. OMAC rips Kamo in half by the torso and immobilizes King Shark.

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