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TAKESHI HONGO transforms into Kamen Rider in order to stop Shocker of their evil actions scarifying his own normal life he had, before Shocker made a high-tech but wicked surgery to Hongo . Kamen Rider defeated the first MonsterMan, the SpiderMonsterMan sent by the Shocker as well as and the second assassin BatMonsterMan. A boy walking his dog, Dali, talking to his friend about what he saw, about a mysterious CobraMonsterMan attacking innocent people including his father's friends and melting them into bubbles. The dog Dali barks loud to a lady with a quite gorgeous black hat. Dali chases the lady, but suddenly Dali comes back to the boys and starting to bark against his master. As Dali attacks the boys Hongo was just in time to stop the crazy dog. The poor dogs weirdly turns into a stone. Yes, the lady was one of them, the Shocker MonsterWoman, Medusa MonsterWoman, Shocker made an operation in her head with mechanical snake-like weapon coming out of her hair, emitting either poison needles, stone-change-beam, or super laser beam. And she is the wife of the CobraMonsterMan. Medusa and CobraMonsterMan plans an evil attack from both sides against Kamen Rider, in the dark, Kamen Rider is now caught between two fires....







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