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Zack Zielger is Kameelman. Created by the evil fertility specialist, Doctor Gor Menchin, Zack is the first transgenic clone concocted from a cocktail of chameleon and human genes. Zack has the unique ability to morph his physical characteristics to look like a different human - just like a chameleon does in his environment - to hide his real identity. But Zack goes far beyond the physical to also assume the feelings and emotions of the person he morphs into. Everyone has been picked on, whether by the bully at school, by a big brother, or by the pest in the next cubicle. See how maturely - or immaturely - Kameelman handles it as Zack, along with his teammates, springs into action to fight social injustice! Kameelman is a hero with a role rather than a hero with a goal.

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